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  •   wint4718 I would get on your bad side. 15h

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Normal Beetlejuice Chickenstrips
acciobenedict "The boy who strategically sits in between" lolol

#AryaStark #GendryWaters #HotPie #Gendry #Gendrya #HouseStark #WinterIsComing #gameofthrones #ASOIAF #got #ASongOfIceAndFire source in the pic ^^^

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Normal Beetlejuice Chickenstrips
acciobenedict I love The Maiden of the Tree! I've always imagined it would be a sweet melody, rustic and harmonious as honey and red maple #AryaStark #GendryWaters #Gendrya #ASOIAF #GoT #GameOfThrones #ASongOfIceAndFire #HouseStark #WinterIsComing #HouseBaratheon #OursIsTheFury #MaisieWilliams #JoeDempsie 24h

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Normal Beetlejuice Chickenstrips
acciobenedict I can picture myself in the not too distant future, making prayers to GRRM like a kind of pagan celebration, dancing in circles "GRRM do your magic, please make that happen"... #Gendrya #AryaStark #GendryWaters #Gendry #HouseStark #WinterIsComing #ASOIAF #ASongOfIceAndFire #GameOfThrones #GoT 1d

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Normal Beetlejuice Chickenstrips
acciobenedict "You can still make swords if you want," said Arya. "You can make them for my brother Robb when we get to Riverrun." "Riverrun." Gendry put the hammer down and looked at her. "You look different now. Like a proper little girl." "I look like an oak tree, with all these stupid acorns." "Nice, though. A nice oak tree." He stepped closer, and sniffed at her. "You even smell nice for a change." "You don't. You stink." Arya shoved him back against the anvil and made to run, but Gendry caught her arm. She stuck a foot between his legs and tripped him, but he yanked her down with him, and they rolled across the floor of the smithy. He was very strong, but she was quicker. Every time he tried to hold her still she wriggled free and punched him. Gendry only laughed at the blows, which made her mad. He finally caught both her wrists in one hand and started to tickle her with the other, so Arya slammed her knee between his legs, and wrenched free. Both of them were covered in dirt, and one sleeve was torn on her stupid acorn dress. "I bet I don't look so nice now," she shouted.

Tom was singing when they returned to the hall.

My featherbed is deep and soft,

and there I'll lay you down,

I'll dress you all in yellow silk,

and on your head a crown.

For you shall be my lady love,

and I shall be your lord.

I'll always keep you warm and safe,

and guard you with my sword.

Harwin took one look at them and burst out laughing, and Anguy smiled one of his stupid freckly smiles and said, "Are we certain this one is a highborn lady?" But Lem Lemoncloak gave Gendry a clout alongside the head. "You want to fight, fight with me! She's a girl, and half your age! You keep your hands off o' her, you hear me?" "I started it " said Arya. "Gendry was just talking." "Leave the boy, Lem," said Harwin. "Arya did start it, I have no doubt. She was much the same at Winterfell." Tom winked at her as he sang:

And how she smiled and how she laughed,

the maiden of the tree.

She spun away and said to him, no featherbed for me.

I'll wear a gown of golden leaves,

and bind my hair with grass,

But you can be my forest love,

and me your forest lass."

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eb_fandomships B: Another one from @direstarks 🏻 I would seriously forgive the GoT producers for all they have done if they would just GET THESE TWO BACK TOGETHER!! #Gendrya #GendryWaters #AryaStark #GoT #GameOfThrones #JoeDempsie #MaisieWilliams #GendryaIsLife 3d

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game.xf.thrones ''all you ever loved seems to be taken from you, until
your house is left an, empty, cold thing,
and your soul has been turned to a ruin. do not despair;
get up from the floor, dust your clothes.
there are seeds on the upper shelves in the shed. it is a
time as good as any to start keeping a garden.'' -''it is okay''// L.Schreiber {#gendry #gendrywaters #gendrybaratheon #gameofthrones #joedempsie #got #asongoficeandfire #asoiaf }

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khermit71 At the end of Game of Thrones' season 5 Gendry, the last heir of Robert Baratheon house and the only one who could rightfully claim the iron throne, is still lost on a boat in the narrow sea. Will he be known in history as "the king who rowed", or did he simply fall out?
#gendry #gendrywaters
#gendrybaratheon #joedempsie #housebaratheon #ironthrone #rowing #gameofthrones #gameofthronesseason5 #gameofthronesmemes #pixlr

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