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candaceshmandis Easiest way to me heart? Anatomical heart earrings! #AnatomicalHeart #Earrings #Jewelry #GabyIsDaBest #AlreadyWearingThem 1y
  •   tais_tizz Freaken awesome bottle!! like a poison holder or something! 1y
  •   candaceshmandis @tais_tizz it's just as cute as the earrings I was thinking about putting something in it but I just haven't decided on what. 1y
  •   tais_tizz Put red glitter!!!!! It's too cute to be stored away! & yes the earrings are cute too 1y
  •   lenore.rose I've been trying to find the perfect anatomical heart necklace for FOREVER now. :( 1y
  •   candaceshmandis @foxx.face I have a heart but I just need to find the right thing to string it on. 😕 1y

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