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growergaz #G13 #CoffeeshopClub88 respect to the grower 7h
  •   gaz_l_ Nice looking trim 7h
  •   anti_reggie_movement Be safe homie. Iv been seeing some disheartening things come out of your home lands government in the last few weeks. 7h

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g0013 Hey!!! I put my link back the bio. #clickthatshit #soundcloud #G13 #kayatickstyles #hiphop #hiphophead #hiphopjunkie #undergroundhiphop @kayatickstyles Recommend Tracks:
Mind Creates Reality Mathematics Die For This Don't Do It

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marquinhos_goncalves E hoje o meu dia terminou assim.
Boa noite!

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  •   chelseaisabeast I don't use it, but dang they are beautiful plants! 21h
  •   findingoutfibro @batmumvj indica dominant strains often have a higher CBD content which is a big deal for our conditions where fatigue, pain, nausea, and insomnia all plague us constantly. But, that said, everyone's different. I like sativa strains for daytime unless I'm anxious or very depressed or it's a day I'm going to spend laying in bed all day because of pain, etc. Sativa helps me get creative and feels more uplifting and social, usually, but some people will panic every single time they hit a sativa, it just takes some trial and error. While often the higher CBD (Cannabidiol) strains are indica dominant, some, like Harlequin (1:1 thc to cbd, or around that), are sativa dominant hybrids. I keep both on hand as well as a high cbd variety, different strains for different pajns! so much more customizable than pharmaceuticals, but not a cure. It certainly changes my life in an overwhelmingly positive way. #indicavssativa #sativavsindica 21h
  •   endohippie Looks great! 21h
  •   findingoutfibro @endohippie @chelseaisabeast @artosthebear thank you so much! She is pretty! About 3 feet tall right now. They've all got such unique personalities. Love them all, but this one is my favorite of all the girls. I can't wait for the harvest! 21h
  •   sky_gypsy Where do you live? I'm asking cos I am in Colorado and I was wondering if you are too. 19h
  •   findingoutfibro @sky_gypsy I'm in Portland, Oregon! Medical has been around for a long time here, but it's newly legal for anyone to possess as of July, but not to buy for recreation for another month. I want to visit Colorado again as an adult, so much beauty to explore! 19h
  •   sky_gypsy I figured it was probably CO, WA, or OR. Does it help with the fibro? I haven't actually tried. 16h
  •   rachelsuperted Lovely plant! Where did you get the seeds? 13h

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rafarodrigues_personal Como aluno das modalidades de Muay Thai e Crossfit, venho parabenizar os professores de Educação Física.

Na função "aluno" vejo como é prazeroso ser motivado pelo Educador, demonstrando cuidado e respeito a individualidade.

Na posição "Professor" é difícil de analisar o grau de importância que transmitimos aos nossos clientes.

Desejo a todos sucesso pela carreira escolhida e pelo valor humano que ela tem.

Felicidades amigos!

Desculpa, não deu para marcar todos.

#personal #team_rafarodrigues #mundobt #g13 #formuladotreino #formula #crossfitbutanta #ctfalange
  •   romaradona Valeu Rafa! Saudades da turma do meio dia da BT Iguatemi e dos nosso papos! Abração e parabéns por ser o profissional que é ! 21h

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liliane_amorim Começando Setembro com o pé direito!

#oss #g13 #g13bjj #rockfightsp #jiujitsuterapia #mulhernotatame

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