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  •   jbaker1121 Which wheels are those 2y
  •   infest_forum @jbaker1121 those r the new 3 piece wheels ;) 2y
  •   jbaker1121 Yeah I mean which brand etc 2y
  •   infest_forum MPC out of Japan new to the states well be doin a feature for it With all the specs 2y
  •   idufus Drop down an infiniti ex35 :)) plz!!! Like a hatchback!!! :)) i wana do that so bad!!!! 2y
  •   infest_forum @idufus this is a FX35 2y
  •   idufus I know? Lol i was just throwin the ex out there! 2012 :) 2y
  •   infest_forum @idufus oh lol ops sorry! We don't see that many EXs fixed up in the states mostly Japan 2y

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