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10mon _viceee_
Normal Vicente Manuel
_viceee_ As promised I'd take babes to Bravo Pizza on the first paycheck cuhz we were always curious how good people kept on saying it was . And they weren't lying ! ! #lp #firsttimers #bombpizza #fullafteraslice #smackersondeck - viceee 10mon
  •   _viceee_ @dexmcastillo oohhh wow , hmu next time ! Aha also is he sleeping over tonight or some time this weekend ? I needa give him and @9linlin their take home midterms - viceee 10mon
  •   dexmcastillo Hes sleepin over tonight yeah, hes getting off work soon. Im off at 3 am 10mon
  •   hellaglen giving the recommendation was the easy part. Trying not to ramble on and on about how dope and down you are was the hard part. And all the good things I said about you was really all you little brutha! 10mon
  •   _viceee_ @dexmcastillo where do you work at ? And so does he go to your house at 3 in the morning ? ? @hellaglen I can't thank you enough mann , I better see you in SF soon ! ! Ahaha - viceee 10mon
  •   joshuamerchan Haha down, we should do some @dexmcastillo 10mon
  •   _viceee_ @joshuamerchan @dexmcastillo we can go to billiard palacade at Geneva and mission . It's near meh and Dex , Tables are good , and hourly rates for two or three players are $10 - $12 depending on what kind of table we get - viceee 10mon
  •   _viceee_ @dexmcastillo @joshuamerchan or unless you guys wanna go to the spot you guys go to at state ? I wouldn't mind that either - viceee 10mon
  •   hellaglen Oh Fa sho tho starting the week of thanksgiving 10mon

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