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skateboard_ojisan This muhfucka living on the #Wrong edge but his flair is over the top. Quiet Riot mask and spiked wristbands I can dig kinda but a lapper on a #wrongboard is so far past kook status the scale broke already. #wrongboarding #cheating #fuckyouandyourlapper #Kookery #kookingit #kooks 3y
  •   vforvincent Ha 3y
  •   udonoodles Jeff Tatum is crazy tho. Inventor of the backside Ollie a.k.a. The J.T. Air. 3y
  •   skateboard_ojisan @udonoodles oh this is that dude? What doing though. No amount of chump change should make a man dress like that and rock that kit like that. 3y
  •   udonoodles @theskatenazi well the dude isn't exactly normal. I mean if you watch his Grosso love letter thing the way he talks and his face paint makes David Putty look tame. 3y
  •   schneaumunn Wheel company started in Ketchikan, AK 3y

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