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mikemetko The packing that came out out of my knee! Over 3 feet long and covered in scum! 3y
  •   mikemetko They told me at the hospital I need to see my doctor Tuesday for them to remove it and I called him and he said he couldn't do it cause of some bullshit excuse sobfuck it said Dr Mike is I'm the house shitvwas wicked! It just kept coming and coming so I cut about a foot and half of thinking shit there can't be to much left and boom this was it! It blew my mind! It just kept coming and coming and coming. I thought maybe maybe there was a prize at the end. Nope just got a hole the size of a nickel and it bleed out for over a hour!!! #fuckingsickassshit But I loved it so if any of you fucker got Any wicked thing you need done Dr Mike is your man! best part was Stella watched me do it and she just tilted her head so confused! @13crane31 3y
  •   metroskateboarding Ahhhh, home surgery! I know it well, haha. Hope everythings healed soon. 3y
  •   devynnmetko That's sooo gross!!! 3y

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