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ylaesg So we getting ready for Europe tour 2015 April and May with #FreddieMcGregor #nature and the queen of reggae #queenomega #ylaesg #jetlife #onthemove #jahworks #triniblood #reggaeartist #trinidad to #Europe to #America 3d

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  •   smcgru Love this you feel it in your soul 4d

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worldstarreggae #RebelSalute‬’s high and low points

The 2015 Rebel Salute ended Monday morning at Richmond Estate in St Ann. The two-day festival boasted a strong line-up and featured a number of outstanding performances. The Jamaica Observer selected three acts who stood out in different ways.

The Good

Veteran singer ‪#FreddieMcGregor‬’s set will stay on the lips of patrons for some time. In a winning performance, he had fans grooving to songs like Push Come to Shove, To be Poor is a Crime, Prophecy and I Was Born a Winner. McGregor had the ladies swaying to ballads like Brandy, Stop Loving You, And so I’ll Wait For You and Just Don’t Wanna be Lonely.

Now in his 53rd year in the music, the head of Big Ship Music earned a deserved encore.

The Bad

Leroy ‘Don’ Smart was booed off stage, a first in the show’s 22-year history. When the singer failed to ignite the crowd early Sunday morning, he accused the Warrior Love Band of messing up his set.

Ironically, Smart admitted he had not rehearsed with Warrior Love who backed some of the night’s top acts.

After starting with hit songs like Ballistic Affair and Some a Talk Bout Fren, Smart stopped and hurled insults at the band. This did not go down well with patrons who jumped to their defense by clapping and booing as he exited the stage.

Things got worse when Smart made a U-turn and attempted to take the microphone from the emcee. But the audience was not interested and the boos got louder.

Sure enough, Smart’s behaviour will have tongues wagging for a while.

The Indifferent

#JuniorKelly‬ is a much-sought reggae artiste in ‪#Europe‬, so it was no surprise when he received numerous ‘salutes’ after taking the stage early Saturday morning.

The crowd went into a frenzy when he churned out lyrics to Missing You (a collaboration with Barbee), Receive and Dem Wrong.

However, when the singer diverted into unfamiliar songs, his fans got distracted.

Although some were disappointed that he went off track, Kelly got back in their good graces in the latter stages when he performed his hit single from 2000, Love So Nice.

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