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Lo-fi Justin Drew Bieber

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jdb_fanficsss Love. Hate. Sex.

Part 1

Your POV

Me: Can you ever not be a prick? Just for a few hours?

I yelled at Justin after he destroyed the cake i was making for our anniversary
Justin: It's not a big deal!

Me: Do you have any idea how much I've worked on that cake? Do you even care about our anniversary?
Justin: It's just a day why does it mean so much to you anyways?

Me: I hate you!

I left the kitchen angrily and went upstairs ro sleep in the guest room *later that night*

I heard noise outside my room and i hopped out of bed, trying to figure where it was coming from. I headed on the hallway to the door where it was all coming from
Our bedroom
As i get closer the noise gets louder and as soon as i put my ear on the door i realize the noise was...moaning
Oh shit! Was he really doing what i think he was doing?

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Normal Micaela Aylen JB
mikita.ailen Como te extraño bebe #FOREVERKIDRAUHL <3 11h

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justinjerrybieber Oww :'( Always Kidrauhl :') #ForeverKidrauhl
I love you justin @justinbieber :')

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danny_madrigal Oww :'( Always Kidrauhl :') #ForeverKidrauhl <3 11h

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kidr4zzle Adiós al bigote, bienvenido al peinado de feto, kidrauhl a vuelto snfjs #foreverkidrauhl #bigote #feto #bieber #justinbieber #belieber #chile #kidrauhl #love #life 13h

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