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Normal AmberAesthetic (West)
amberwest98 Exclusively here only! I'm showing you guys a special edit, why is it special? Well, not only does it have two bad-asses in it, but it's galaxy too, but that's not why it's exclusive, and the fact that the smoke and the background is inverted is not why it's exclusive either, no no, I personally messaged @elmakias these on Facebook (If you see this and you haven't read it please read it now, it'll be in you're other inbox) and hopefully he will like my work, cause it took three hours to do these, I know it doesn't look like it, but I take so much time editing I don't even care, Iit's of @ptvmike and @alanashby :) both looking bad-ass, I had to do the old watermark cause I couldn't put then together without messing up the quality, it's a complicated thing to explain, but I did both, and I am proud, I MAY post the same pics, but by themselves later, but yeah, just enjoy this for now, DOUBLE DAILY EDIT WHAT!? I know, you love me huh? Yea... #edit #editbyme #galaxy #galaxyedit #galaxycolorsplash #blackandwhite #bandedit #alanashby #mikefuentes #ofmiceandmen #omam #piercetheveil #ptv #colorsplash #newwatermark #riserecords #featlessrecords #hashtagabuselol 2y

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