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  •   living__well @jakebailey_98 That's a great price! I picked up my first single one for $200. 3y
  •   jakebailey_98 Sweet it will be a few weeks but I'll post a pic of them when I pick um up 3y
  •   drasticdro I would love some of those!! 3y
  •   tattoocean Just picked up a few a couple of days ago for $100...PetCo Not a reputable place but couldn't pass them up. In QT so will see how it goes. Hate seeing that place kill so many beings, especially rare and exotic species.... 2y
  •   living__well @tatfeller $100 is a good deal for a designer clownfish. I've never any Petco carry anything exotic. The mgr there must be a clownfish fanatic! 2y
  •   tattoocean Tell me about it. They said they don't know what they're getting until shipment arrives. Except if somebody special orders them. Check to see when it's in your area if that's the case. Crazy things come thru there often. I once got 2 anemones for $6 that sold for $40 a piece.... 2y
  •   living__well @tatfeller Nice! One of my first jobs was at Petco. There's always crazy deals there. I just picked up a biocube UV sterilizer for $17, orig $100. 2y
  •   tattoocean Sweet steal son.... Was looking into those. Now I'm gonna keep an eye out. Just hate going in there and everytime $100's floating and flaking from laying there for days.... 2y

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