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Marzo Viernes 13
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secretburgerbusiness "Kick-Ass Beef Burger - 200g fresh-ground beef, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion, bacon and double American cheese." Now you're probably wondering what these two balls are well because @gloriaswanstonskitchen don't allow you to add extra patties to your burger.. #saywhat #wtf ?!?! So it was up to me to come up with something.. so I added two "Mac & Cheese Balls - Deep fried macaroni, bacon & cheese" dipped in spicey aioli sauce.

Now onto the #burger the pattie was cooked nicely.. it was juicy and tasty. The cheese was good, melted nicely over the pattie. The bacon was good also, it had a nice saltiness to it. The salad was your average affair for this "#americanstyle" of burger along with the tomato and mustard condiments. Now adding the #macncheese balls was just taking an already tasty burger to the #nextlevel with an #explosion of cheeseness and a bit of crunch!

They only gripe I have its a bit on the small side and bit pricey for $16.50 with a side of average crinkle-cut fries, but on Tuesday's between 12pm and 3pm they do this #combo for $8 which is hard to beat in the CBD! Get two and make your own burger tower! ;-) Now onto the scores:
8.25/10 for Kick-Ass Beef Burger
8.5/10 for Kick-Ass Beef Burger mac & cheese balls

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