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Hudson Jacob Burns
jake_burns Got a new set up. Had to change things up and keep it fresh. #thunder147hi #expedition8.1 #bonesstf loving it. Thanks @scotteskip for another awesome sesh. Even though you deleted the footy 3y
  •   skipwrecked I know Im Blowing it. #toohurttosk8 3y
  •   jake_burns @scotteskip you have a sprained pelvic bone. How does that even happen. We're getting old dude. I hurt shit that I didn't know could hurt. Your leg is going to fall off. Your gonna kickflip an instead of your shoe flying off its going o be your whole leg. 3y
  •   bpnfr nice set up 3y
  •   jandrews272 Have you ridden indy before? If you have are thunder high's more like indy low's? 2y
  •   jake_burns @jandrews272 yeah I almost always ride Indy hi's. in fact I'm riding a 8.5 krooked with Koston 149's now. Indy is the best. 2y
  •   jandrews272 Oh right cheers, you think indy high's are the same height as thunder high's? I normally ride indy lows but im tryna make a change 2y
  •   jake_burns @jandrews272 I think the Indy highs are a little taller. But if you get a forged baseplate it lowers them a bit and still has a very responsive turn. I'd recommend Indys over thunder. And I rode thunders for about 8 years and Indy for the last 7 years. Thunders are good but they never feel loose enough for me and the grind feels soft. I'd recommend Indy high hollows. You won't be disappointed. 2y
  •   jandrews272 I'll go with that then cheers bro !!! 2y

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