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_beauty_and_more_in_hh das ist mein eos (strawberry sorbet) ich habe ihn für 10 € bei Cubus gekauft. Ich bin echt sehr enttäuscht denn für mich ist er obwohl er immer so gehypet wird keinen cent wert 😬 er trocknet die lippen total aus fazit: pflegeeffekt gleich null und für das geld echt ein griff ins klo -> Flop ~SAM #eos #evolutionofsmooth #eoslipbalm #strawberrysorbet #beauty #fashion #glam #samandmel #hamburg #cubus #fehlkauf #zuteuer #schade 2h

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bangerhead We finally have eos lipbalm in our assortment. Talk about smooth! #evolutionofsmooth #lipbalm #honeysuckle #colors #lips #smooth #bangerhead @eosproducts #itsfridaytomorrow 3h

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Video lipbalm reviews and more
luvlipbalm babylips in coral crave - 6/10, recommend if you don't already have the too cool babylips
if you have this babylips, what does it smell like? i don't think it's supposed to smell like soap, i probably got a bad one

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Normal ❥ eos products noticed❥

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  •   wilson_celis31 Buenos dias, como me puedo comunicar con ustedes oara adquirir los productos. Gracias 2h
  •   eoscolombiabogota Hola @wilson_celis31 hablame al 3202318369 y te resolvemos todas las inquietudes. Muchas gracias :) 1h

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Normal iCh WERDE SEIN △
lujainfuaad : F2.
evooolllutionn ooof ssmootthh '
well , i've waited too much .
baby i've-
counted that long
nigh...لا أمزح.
Actually :
It took [[ 2 weeks ]]
to arrive from Makkah
to Jeddah
#i_hate_البريد_السعودي .


these cutie things
are available
here( @pupastore )
the owner is pretty kind TYSM sweet girl

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Unknown Regine Genato
rizzarizza Separated at birth? (Grab yourself an EOS lip balm! PM me for details!) #daruma #eos #evolutionofsmooth #lips #lipbalm # 12h

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Normal EOS-Evolution Of Smooth

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Normal Make Art through Make Up
laurenbalyck EOS lipbalms available for purchase.
Summer Fruit - 2
Honeysuckle Honeydew - 2
Sweet Mint - 3
Strawberry Sorbet - 4
Passionfruit - Sold

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14h ginnyviv
Normal Ginny Vivien Calaycay
ericcetti Por fin llegaron a mis manos! Voy a probar estos bálsamos y próximamente estarán a la venta ;) #eos #eosmexico #eoslipbalm #eosdf #evolutionofsmooth #original 14h

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y0ur_scent Evolution of Smooth

Blueberry Acai
Honeysuckle Honeydew
Lemon Drop
Medicated Tangerine
Pomegranate Raspberry
Summer Fruit
Sweet Mint

RM 27 each
RM 33 inc postage

Whatsapp 019-7292343

#SayaJual #EvolutionOfSmooth #EOSMalaysia #EOSLipbalmMalaysia #EOSLipBalm #BlueberryAcai #HoneysuckleHoneydew #LemonDrop #MedicatedTangerine #PomegranateRaspberry #SummerFruit #SweetMint #JohorBahru

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Normal most recent: diy krαbby pαtty
seafoamqreen diy: eos lipbαlm ↣#seafoamqreendiys↢

you will need:
→α plαstic eαster egg, or αny other
sphere-like shαped item thαt cαn be
opened αnd closed
→vαseline (petroleum jelly)
→plαstic wrαp
→αny flαvored extrαct (i prefer vαnillα
or strαwberry)
→α bowl (use α pαper bowl if you don't
wαnt to cleαn up α sticky mess!)
→α microwαve
→α freezer

1.tαke your vαseline, αnd scoop out
2-4 scoops, depending on how big your
egg is, αnd then pour in α smαll αmount
of your extrαct! A little does go α long wαy.

2.heαt thαt bowl in the microwαve for αbout
30 seconds to 1:15. It depends on how hot
your microwαve gets.

3.while the vαseline is melting in the microwαve,
open the egg, αnd line the plastic wrαp αt the
bottom of it, then push it down into the egg.

4.the vαseline should be α liquid! Pour most
of the melted vαseline into the egg. (leαve α little
bit of jelly for the ninth step) DO NOT tαke out the
plαstic wrαp for this step!

5.put the egg in the freezer, the top of the egg

6.peek αt the vαseline every 20 minutes or so. If
the vαseline is pαrtiαlly frozen, then tαke it out!

7.tαke the plαstic wrαp out of the egg. The wrαp
should hαve frozen the vαseline into the egg shαpe.

8.you'll hαve to heαt up the lαst little bits of the
petroleum jelly in the microwαve!

9.line some melted vαseline into the egg. This will
work αs 'glue'.

10.tαke out the frozen vαseline, αnd put it in the egg.
The bottom of it should be rounded, so put the rounded
side up, so thαt it looks like αn eos lip bαlm!

now you're done! Hope you liked this diy!
QOTD: fαv beαuty product?
#eos #eoslipbalm #diy #recipe #evolutionofsmooth

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jc_virtualboutique Realizando pedidos y llenandolos de Amor y Cariño! No olvides ordenar el tuyo... productos EOS disponibles para entrega inmediata ! Envios a todo el pais!! #eos #loveeos #eoscolombia #evolutionofsmooth #eoslipbalm #eoshandlotion #eosshavecream #envios #colombia #bogota #medellin #cali #cartagena #monteria #santamarta #cucuta #bucaramanga #armenia #barranquilla 17h

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