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bands_rule_people_drool_2 i kinda feel like it don't make, like it don't make
feel like it don't make sense
i'm thinking baby you and i are undeniable
but i'm finding out love's unreliable
i'm giving all i got to make you stay
or am i just a roadblock in your way?

cause your a pretty little windstorm
out on the boulevard
something like a sunset
oh you're a shooting star
and i might drive myself insane
if those lips aren't speaking my name

cause i got some intuition
or maybe i'm superstitious
but i think you're a pretty sweet pill that i'm swallowing down
to counter this addiction
you got me on a mission
tell me darling can i get a break, some how,
could i say no?

she's got a love like woe
girl's got a love like woe

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pizzabestie Doom Lagoon - Nipple Titties (Live)
This is a sample from our song we are working on.

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david.decay so, i'm supposed to get up at 8 ._.
and, i don't see that happening anymore because, my dad came in here (drunk as i don't know what)
and, he basically woke me up from my slumber.
he woke me up at fucking 2:50 in the damn morning ._.
so, sorry for the late post >_<
anyways, it's 3:00 now and i have to wake up in 5 more hours to go to the river.
for what and why that early?
idek, ask satan herself ;-; (my mother)
goodnight, love you all. n.n

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