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elleuhbama I needed this win tonight. Sheesh. @itseyjr 16h
  •   hailsanta666 This win was needed though for sure though 16h
  •   elleuhbama It was a fun game to watch. Even the Phillies had some fun defensive plays. @hailsanta666 16h
  •   hailsanta666 Anytime I can see Chase Utley lose is damn good night. I really just hate his stupid face 16h
  •   elleuhbama Hahahaha. Watching weird old Harang pitch last night was weird. And impressive. @hailsanta666 15h
  •   unicorns_and_wolves It's even more delicious because my neighbor is from Philly and back in Philly routing for them. Can't wait til he gets home and give him the chop!🏾🏾 15h
  •   elleuhbama HAHAHAHAHA Chop that animal @unicorns_and_wolves . If you watched, the Phillies fans were so loud and kinda mean as hell. 15h
  •   unicorns_and_wolves Ugh they always are! Suck it losers! In YO face!🏾 15h
  •   elleuhbama I'm gonna be in Philly next weekend so if they win the series I'm gonna be chopping like crazy in my Kimbrel shirt and Braves snapback! #chopbitch @unicorns_and_wolves 14h

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  •   waylonmercy705 Isn't he Canadian? ?? 3d
  •   prowrestlingmovement @waylonmercy705 yea, but TNA is Nashville based, so I'm sure he's spent the majority of his career there 3d
  •   waylonmercy705 Well that makes sense forgot about tna 3d
  •   waylonmercy705 C'mon you took down the pic?? Its the interweb dude dont getting bullied buy self rightness trolls!! Block the dude 21h
  •   prowrestlingmovement @waylonmercy705 don't worry man, the pic is back up. A more pc caption 21h
  •   waylonmercy705 Hahaha some guys are bananas 21h
  •   prowrestlingmovement @waylonmercy705 some guys don't have a life man. Straight up, I don't want to offend anyone because Butt-hurtness is a serious thing, but that's not gonna stop me from posting what i want. This is America... greatest country ever. usa.....usa....usa 21h
  •   waylonmercy705 Anything pic with hogan not bashing hogan works for me lol 21h

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In case you guys didn't know on Sundays at 9pm I tweet during @IMPACTWRESTLING on my Twitter. (@TeamWrasslin) so check it out!
#TNA #TotalNonstopAction #ImpactWrestling #Wrestling #ImpactUK #EricYoung

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@IMPACTWRESTLING Results; April 17th;

@JEFFHARDYBRAND & @MATTHARDYBRAND def. @JamesStormBrand & @MahabaliShera after a Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb combination to #Khoya. After the match #JamesStorm attacked Khoya.

Backstage: @TheEricYoungIG says he wants his title shot.

@TheRealKurtAngle and @TheEricYoungIG confront each other in the ring. #KurtAngle then turns his back for #EricYoung to attack but he doesn't.

Backstage: @LowKi1979 & #KennyKing bully @Rockstar_Spud until @MisterKenAnderson makes the save.

@LowKi1979 & Kenny King def. @Rockstar_Spud & @MisterKenAnderson after a Warriors Way to #RockstarSpud and Kenny King getting the pin.

Backstage: @TheRealEC3 says he's undefeated and @TNA_Bram says he's unstoppable.

Backstage: The #BDC celebrate. #MVP says he wants Kurt Angle dealt with and #Homicide pulled a razor blade out of his mouth and went in search of him.

@TheRealEC3 & @TNA_Bram def. #TigreUno & #JayRios after a brace shot from #EC3 and the Brighter Side of Suffering from #Bram however EC3 tagged and got the pin. Bram confronted EC3 about the tag but @BrodusRilla101 got in between them.

Backstage: The Knockouts await a huge announcement.

Backstage: Kurt Angle addresses Eric Young and Homicide.

Knockouts Segment
#ChristyHemme announces that @ALove4Life22, @RealBrookeAdams, @GailKimItsMe and #MadisonRayne will compete to become #1 Contender for the Knockouts Championship. Christy also announced that new Knockouts will be debuting and @Taryn_Terrell will defend her Championship against @MeanQueenK

Backstage: @AustinHealyAries and #BobbyRoode confront @RobbieEImpact

@AustinHealyAries & Bobby Roode def. @RobbieEImpact & @MrPec_Tacular after #AustinAries hit a 450 Splash on #JessieGodderz After the match The BroMans imploded.

Homicide and Kurt Angle brawled until the BDC attacked Angle which led to The Rising (@TheMicahTNA) coming out. MVP and Angle were the last men in the ring until Eric Young came out. MVP let him have the chair however he dropped it and left.

@JEFFHARDYBRAND & @MATTHARDYBRAND def. @LowKi1979 & Kenny King, @TheRealEC3 & @TNA_Bram and @AustinHealyAries and Bobby Roode to become World Champions in an Ultimate X Match.

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thewrestlingcentral Kurt Angle def Lashley and Eric Young in a triple threat match for the TNA World Championship. My match of the night

#TNA #IMPACTWrestling #KurtAngle #Lashley #EricYoung

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