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_jgawd It's tunechi day. #eqtune #stage2 #subi 3y
  •   jdraustria @jcsb1530 you don't even have too... This picture says alot, i just got some wheels, tryna figure out what suspension ill be getting now hahah 3y
  •   _jgawd What wheels bro? You going bags? I'm second guessing bags. I kinda just want stance and be slammed everywhere. 3y
  •   jdraustria @jcsb1530 yeh same here bro, thinking bout just getting coils too but I'm sill thinking about it. Stance susp. Good from what i heard. I need to hear your car now, seems like a beast now 3y
  •   _jgawd You didn't say which wheels... Hahaha. I'll send you a video @jdraustria 3y
  •   jdraustria @jcsb1530 haha fsho, nah nothing crazy it's some two piece amg monoblocks that I posted the other day, staggered setup for a good price too 3y
  •   mr_nevks Tunechi!!! 3y
  •   _jgawd @yoneak thanks for coming with me dad. You dabes 3y

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