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hamsaguru Peace is always threatened with war. But I found that peace is worth fighting for. Whether it is in your own subtle ways of doing so, we are all warriors of light. We fight for that which we love and this is a much stronger force than fighting for that which we covet. We live in a time of greedy old men who don't know when to let the younger generation take control and restore the balance again. Instead they've created a very self destructing society that is literally killing itself off everyday.

On average every 2 hours somebody between the ages of 15-24 commits suicide and we wonder what's wrong with the world, how sad, and continue on with no real sense of well, anything. Turn on the tv and everything is fine and well again. It is a failing system that has proven itself time and time again to crumble at its foundations. The shift is happening, there's nothing that can stop it. What hold in the future I cannot say but I do know that right now and this day as well as every other day in my existence I will fight for what I love and that is all of you. My family my friends my co workers my followers my people. The lions have come ️ and we don't fucking play games. We bring mirrors to their doorsteps and force them to gaze at the ugly truth. There's nothing stronger than enlightened warriors on a mission to restore balance and order. We're like fucking Jedi #Hamsa #spiritual #spirit #enlightened #awake #awakened #wakeup #indigo #indigochild #chakra #chakras #thirdeye #spiritguides #zen #healing #goodvibes #vibes #vibration #energy #divine #truth #vegan #onelove #psychedelic #love #yoga #meditate #meditation #lover #passion

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noblefitness Focusing on a list of things to do each day helps me from wasting time.

Every minute of every day should be remembered and used purposefully. It is something that we will never get back and time for us on this planet could end tomorrow. So make the most of each and every day and love those around you.

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