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Video Cherese Jackson
skylarlibertyrose Life lessons for truth trippers:

If you do not write the pages to your own story then the world will do it for you.
Every day you have to make a conscious decision to choose to be you.
If you do not have the courage to ask for what you want then opportunity will glide on by.
If you do not allow yourself to be brave enough to be vulnerable then you will miss out on living a truly empowered life.
Did you take time today to remind yourself of how damn amazing you are? How magnificent? How worthy? How loved? How you've totally got this?

No? Do it now, please.

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Normal Kiran Singh
studiokiransingh "Life is not coming 'one day'.
Life is today.

There is only 'one day'.
This day, the only day in which you live.

Greet the morning as if it were your last, your first.
Breathe into the afternoon as if it were an old friend.
Celebrate the fact that you've been given another evening.

One day you will realise there is no 'one day'.
Let today be the day you realise:

You live here, in perfect presence.
And every moment
is an extraordinary gift." #QuoteOfTheDay #Inspiration #Motivation #Empowerment #DesignTheLifestyleYouDesire #wisdom

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6min bespokiet
Normal Beads . Aso oke . Hand fan
bespokiet Registration still on & earlybird ticket still available for you lovely bead makers. Beginner / intermediate , you will feel right at home .Oppurtunity to learn a new skill that will forever be with you.Gain a freedom to begin / continue your beading journey, either way it's a win win .
Earlybird ticket : £60
Location: London bridge

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prismhealing I have some friends who read my IG feed and they ask me where do all these insights come from? Aren't you going to run out stories to relate to these quotes one day? Aren't you giving away too much of your knowledge? I've since learned that this that I do is part of my calling. When I ruminate on my universal truths, and I do a lot of that, this is me thinking out aloud, except its on social media, with lots of people reading. I'm hoping that there some people who are on a similar trajectory as me, possibly an earlier version of me, who are still struggling with understanding the nature of reality.

I remember a few years ago, when I started waking up, I felt very alone, very different and very depressed. I wished there was someone who I could talk to, who wouldn't judge me wanting, because I had all these weird ideas coming seemingly out of nowhere. Eventually, someone did appear, but for a long while, I felt like the odd one out. It's very uncomfortable being at a party and pretending to take part in conversation about the latest jeans length or heel height or which celeb slept with who. I desired more stimulating dialogue, where you can twist an idea around and turn it on itself, like Plato's Cave or the premise behind Moby Dick. If you're interested, start reading Jed McKenna.

So the way I see it, the books we read and the wisdom we glean, they're reminders of the innate knowing we already have. When I come across a quote, that I vibe with, an inner light bulb gets switched on.

Inside of each one of us is an infinite well of knowledge, it never runs out. The more willing you are to plunge it depths, the greater the reward. In fact the more I share, the more I unearth. You can do this too. One way is to meditate, learn to go into the silence and listen to your inner being. Because the inner being is the teacher. The teacher is in you. Woah!

Give it a try, lovelies and let me know how you go. What's your inner being telling you today? And if you need some guidance tapping into this boundless source of wisdom, I can give you a hand, just click on the link in my bio. Yay!

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Juno Jesse Harshbarger
actionpotentialmotivation You must commit to being consistent. What you do some of the time, really doesn’t matter. What you do mostly, this is what matters. All of our successes and failures come from little decisions. Success comes from taking the time to do what matters most. Isolate and focus on what will get you your greatest gains.
#commit #immersion #lastingchange #trainyourbrain #empowerment

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naturerestored By thinking 'better feeling thoughts' whenever we are faced with negative situations or feelings, we can raise our vibrations up so as not to attract more of the same negativity into our lives.

The simplest and most effective thoughts are ones of appreciation. There is always something to appreciate if we are willing to make the effort to turn our attention away from the negative stuff and 'look around' (physically or mentally) for something to appreciate.

With practice you will find that things that used to bother you so easily, no longer have any effect, and eventually, no matter hard it 'rains,' your umbrella of appreciation will stop even a single drop from touching you.

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