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skinny_dreaming__ Falls es jemanden interessiert, ja ich lebe noch Bin total im Abi Stress, was sich natürlich auch negativ auf die Ernährung auswirkt... Letze Woche habe ich es durch einige Obsttage unter anderem auch einen Bananentag mit diesem Eis () im Rahmen gehalten aber dazwischen und auch jetzt ist der Horror... Nur Ungesundes teils auch b/p, null Sättigkeitsgefühl, pures Stressessen Habe dadurch bisher "bloß" 2kg zugenommen, allerdings bestimmt auch einiges an Muskeln verloren, wodurch es eben noch mehr Fett und Schwabbel ist... Ich falle wieder komplett meine alten Essgewohnheiten und mir fehlt die Disziplin mich wieder zu gesunder Ernährung aufzuraffen Hoffentlich geht das nicht auch nach dem Abi so weiter, sonst kann ich mir selbst dabei zuschauen wie ich wieder dick werde 🐖 #stressessen#binge#emotionaleating#fett#zunehmen#abitur#traurig 51min
  •   fitness_kaeth Das wird nach den Prüfungen besser, habe ich auch mitgemacht Mach dir keinen Stress deswegen und konzentriere dich nur auf das Abi 37min

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edisonprojectblog I woke up this morning pretty bummed that it is Friday and not Saturday. So I decided to make #paleo citrus loaf. It's so tasty with bacon on the side. I might just be willing to forgive and forget this whole day of the week mix up.
#glutenfree #grainfree #dairyfree #paleobaby #wholefoodwholebody #eatwelllivewell #emotionaleating #hurryupweekend

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foodtherapist Pay attention to your brain and your belly #mindfuleating #areyouhungry #emotionaleating #mindfulness 6h

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kylie_pax For most of my life I knew more self love would equal less stuffing myself silly with food, but I had no idea what self love was, or how I could get it?

Self love is simply about being kind to yourself

It means not smacking yourself over the head with a block of Cadbury’s every time you eat a little more chocolate than you would have liked

Or not going on an all-out binge just because you ate an extra slice of cake (or three or four) with your coffee

It’s about treating yourself the same way you would treat someone you absolutely adored!

And why shouldn’t you?
The Number One, most adorable person in your world should be you!

Remember to grab your FREE Ditch the Diet Recipe Guide at www.kyliepax.com or just hit the link in my bio @kylie_pax
See you there, gorgeous!

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kylie_pax Why do you do want to lose weight?

What drives you forward?

You've got to know your "why"

No, just knowing it isn't enough... You've got to get CRYSTAL CLEAR on WHY you want to overcome your issues with food

Because until you are, you'll just bounce from one fad diet to the next, losing and gaining, losing and gaining, until one day you wake up and realise you've spent your WHOLE LIFE fighting with your body and your STILL not happy

Decide what you want

Get clear

And if you want an oh so loving shove in the right direction, skip on over and visit me at www.kyliepax.com

You can grab your FREE Ditch the Diet Recipe Guide while you're there by hitting the link in my bio @kylie_pax
See you there, gorgeous!

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thefatfongrises It's not even my birthday... But he want that cake, cake, cake, cake, cake... Ladies and Gents I present @Lafayette380's BIRTHDAY CAKE MACARON. Think funfetti in a crispy crunchy slightly chewy macaron. #betyouwanttoputyournameonit #princessriri #badgariri 13h

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chasingthemission Who is tired of sabotaging themselves by eating up all the calories they burn working out?!
OMG...it's crazy right?! Did you know March is NATIONAL NUTRITION MONTH?! I didn't but that's perfect because I'm teaming with some friends and we're running a MARCH MADNESS group with a MAJOR Focus on Nutrition. We're talking about getting our diet together ONCE AND FOR ALL!! ***************************************************************
I'm so excited because we're even having an awesome Psychology of Eating LIVE Q&A!! If you know your relationship with food is bordering more towards FRIEND than FUEL...this group is for you!! OOH, the best part...we have also rolled out BEACHBODY ON DEMAND, it's like Netflix for workouts. The cool thing is in this group, you can choose any workout program you'd like!! Your favorites like Insanity, Turbofire, P90X and several others are available to you if you from your tablets or smart phone too! ****************************************************************
You all know my struggle with food, and how it has seriously impeded my progress on this journey. I know this is JUST what I need. I KNOW this group is going to be amazing for those that are truly TIRED of being in the same spot month after month after month, all because of their unhealthy eating habits. However, you have to decide you're really ready to dig deep and make the changes. If you know you're ready get in touch with me ASAP. Let's do it together!!

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kelbeth3 Today was just a weird day. So much happening right now. We had an an event at the school today where cookies and lemonade were involved and I passed them up! Well, a few sips of super watery lemonade was all I had. Tonight, I am really turning inward to do some reflecting and give some extra notice to the good things in my life.
The eating thing is getting easier, I wasn't healthy at all today because I was eating my feelings, but at least I ate only the feelings that fit my points.
#weightwatchers #ww #wwdivas #wwcommunity #emotionaleating #pointsplus #eatallthefeelings

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hungryforhappinessco You are around a unique gem. You are beautiful beyond words. What is it going to take for you to see your brilliance? What is it going to take for you to recognize your inner shine, then allow that shine to project onto the world? If you were only able to see your true brilliance that lies within, I know you would treat yourself very differently. Trust the unknown, trust that there is an overflowing abundance of love within you and honour your body accordingly. #Emotionaleating #bingeeating #bodyimage #selflove #hungryforhappiness #selfcompassion #recovery #eatingdisorders 15h

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kylie_pax Holiday in Hawaii anyone?

I just ADORE the beach but I don't get there nearly enough. Boo hoo

What's the best place to go for some sea and sand action?

Remember to pick up your FREE Ditch the Diet Recipe Guide at www.kyliepax.com or just hit the link in my bio, lovely!
Thanks @triangl_swimware for the Hawaiian inspo

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shinerblondesandmacarons I've been craving #InNOut for the longest of time and I've never even had it before! Haha so, since there's no In N Out close to me, #FiveGuys was the next best thing. #SorryNotSorry #MissingMyBF #emotionaleating haha 😐 #foodie #ShinerBlondesAndMacarons #houston #houstonblogger #instablog #lifestyleblog #igers #blogger #yum 16h

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marinequeengreene The Last Supper Ahh the dreaded second set of chopsticks. Firstly I will eat all of this myself and secondly I will do it with my (bear ) hands and thirdly I will do it all with the hunger and aggression of a bear () freshly awoken from hibernation who has a hankering for some Japanese cuisine #bearhands #sushi #winterinmtk #himarch #bythehammerofthor #ivehadaboutenoughofthissnow #edamame #alaskanroll #sweetpotatoroll #shrimptempuraroll #fortunecookies #chopsticks #chopsuey #systemofadown #instacool #instagood #instalike #foodporn #emotionaleating 17h

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