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  •   rondellholmes Haha, such a funny thread to read as someone who knows you already. Wanted to comment something like "Get out of here with your stupid fucking comments, you dumb bitch Olivia!" and see if the people there would start defending you and attack me, but decided I'd rather not talk with any of them :) 3y
  •   oliviawhatsup @rondellholmes ahah what is wrong with the world!! I thought elephant nipples was a universal topic for laughter. I guess they took the discovery channel "africa" edition too seriously growing up:( And that would have been funny to us, but they would have applauded you! Because they all have plastic long nipples up their butts! Although, I thought my last comment was a dick slap :) they're definitely not worth talking too :) 3y
  •   oliviawhatsup Ps: that picture was gay. #elephantnipplesFTW 3y
  •   alexis_salmeron Lol 3y
  •   evancomedy 7pm the libertine tonight 3y
  •   evancomedy Or John dutton theater tomorrow 3y
  •   oliviawhatsup @evndsmrs can you buy tickets at the door? 3y
  •   evancomedy Yup 3y

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