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18min arummon
Normal Areum Park
arummon #taiwan #carrefour #durian #대만 #까르푸 #두리안 #140817
두리안은 생각보다 맛있었당ㅋㅋ 마늘과 파인애플을 섞어놓은 느낌?..

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20min ddanielong
Normal Daniel Ong Zhengyi
ddanielong One of my last nights in Singapore with the family. One of my last nights to savour this beast of a fruit. #durian #latergram 20min

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40min ngigo
Normal iGO Nugroho
ngigo Lovely couple #durian #juice & #kopyor #kedungsari 40min

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X-Pro II Ghel

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malkamali ملك الفواكه #الدوريان
الوصف الاندونيسي لها .. طعم الجنة ورائحة جهنم!
#SriLanka #Colombo #Kadugannawa #Durian

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Normal _fiyory_
_fiyory_ Король фруктовKing of fruits #durian#дуриан 2h

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rajaduren Strawberry Cheese Box by Raja Duren..
Lembutnya durian, cake, ice cream dan Cheese berpadu dengan buah strawberry yg telah dihaluskan..
Hhmm jadi kebayang dong gimana rasanya, pasti enaknya jelas terasa enak
Info: 08176767899/ 7faa0d6c
#cheese #durian #durianlover #strawberry #RajaDuren #instafood #kulinersidoarjo #kulinersby #kulinerbojonegoro #kulinersurabaya

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ronaldodefebro Hi people, so I got tagged by @natalieandrikopoulou, @julda_fk and @alvinagracia. Enough tag do just do this #20factsaboutme challenge.

So here you go!

1. I love eating! I can eat 9 times a day, which is why I workout a lot

2. I'm a workout junkie! If I can workout twice a day 7 days a week, I would!
3. I don't give up, I grind and work for anything I want.

4. I sing a lot, in my car, in the shower, even at the #gym #lol

5. I'm a proud brother of 4 youngest brothers, yep oldest of 5!

6. I re-do my #tattoo 3 times because I love getting #inked but don't wanna have too many tats

7. I write songs, in fact, songwriting is where I can open up about stuffs when I can't tell anybody.

8. I have failed University twice.

9. So far, I have had 2 leg Injuries, popped both my wrists and both of my shoulders cause of bodybuilding.

10. I don't fall in #love easily, but once I do, I fall hard enough to not give up easily.

11. I love my #mama and my family, though we fight a lot, I'm forever in love with my mama and my brothers.

12. I love challenges, everything that challenges me, gives me the urge and the rush to beat it.

13. I cook! Yes, if you're lucky enough, you might see me in the kitchen playing with #knives and #onions!

14. I love fruits, my favourite fruits are #orange #apple #durian #banana #blueberry and #strawberry.

15. I love #beach, I always go to the beach to find inspiration or to calm my mind and my head.

16. I love traveling, one of my biggest dreams is to visit all the pretty beaches all over the world.

17. I plan to spend my life in New Zealand, at a house by the lake, or in Ubud, Bali.

18. I love kids, and for some reasons, kids love me! Which is why we get along quite well.

19. I love cars and bikes, words can't describe how much I love automotive.

20. Some people love cats, some other love dogs, I love both, but if I had to choose, would definitely go with dogs!

So thats #20factsaboutme , thank you for tagging me @natalieandrikopoulou @julda_fk and @alvinagracia ! Now go pass it on!

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tiaaan94 Double durian ice cream. Uwaw☆☆ 2h

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1y rlouder
Normal richard louderback

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1y rlouder
Normal richard louderback
rlouder Smiling Durian 1y

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