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okcgalaxy Disappointing as we lost 124-92 to an amazing Spurs team but hopefully we can convert on offense in game 2 and take this series
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tutto_sul_basket Questi sono alcuni dei giocatori che quest'estate saranno #Freeagent !


Rinnoveranno il contratto o cambieranno squadra?

Comunque sia si prevede un'estate non male neh?

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bizarresportynerd LaMarcus Aldridge had one of those games where he couldn't miss.

Spurs won the first game 92-124

#aldridge #kawhileonard #duncan #spurs #basketball #tnt #espn #nba #playoffs #durant #westbrook #okc #thunder #bizarresportynerd

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thefanaticsview Charles Barkley has a hilarious reaction to Russell Westbrook's outfit. 5h

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Clarendon Five Foot Nothing Sports
fivefootnothingsports #carmeloanthony must be dumber than he looks. He is not a better scorer than either #durant or #curry period.

When his career didn't matter he could say that, but when the game is on the line and his career, and his season, he doesn't stack up against the rest.
As a #knick fan I suggest Carmelo sticks to trying to help rebuild the Knicks and stay out of grown folk business.

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okc.central | Thoughts on KD's free agency this off-season? I think he'll stay with the salary cap boost.

#OKCentral #ThunderUp #Westbrook #Durant #NBAPlayoffs
  •   _aye_its_anthony But look at james,wade, and the other one they were top three and they were great and we are right there we need a better offence setup thats all @zack_trey35 5h
  •   zack_trey35 @_aye_its_anthony d wade and bosh were not top 5 players then . This is my point . Wade and bosh were comfortable beinng second and third . Kd and russ constantly trade between hero ball which leads to them ignoring their teammates and making stupid shots in late game . U cant have to top 5 players in the league on the same team . Kd deserves his on team and so does russ. They are far too good to be playing together. If one cannot become the second option and learn to trust their teammates then one needs to leave so we can get assets. When they are not on the floor who do we have . Kanter is our only good bench player and he is bad at defense . What championship team gives a player like kyle singler minutes ? This team has no foundation . If we only had one player to build around we could do better. But we have both kd and russ who are ball dominant players . And having TWO at the same time leads to the decision making we see all the time out of those guys when we are trying to get back into the game . Either kd forcing up a three or a dumb russ drive to the hoop whete he misses . We have failed to build a supporting cast for years . Its time to do something different ... 4h
  •   zack_trey35 I love the thunder and i will support kd still if he leaves but if we lose this series we need to face reality that our current team isnt working 4h
  •   lhamilton2019 Yea ^ , they have tried so much already. Changing won't always help, I think they will need some changes before they win a championship 3h

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okc.central | Late Result:

Oklahoma City Thunder get hammered by the San Antonio Spurs 92 - 124!


S.Ibaka 19p 2r 1st

K.Durant 16p 8r 6a

R.Westbrook 14p 2r 9a

Sorry I was not able to post live scores.

#OKCentral #ThunderUp #Westbrook #Durant #NBAPlayoffs

#OKCentral #ThunderUp #Westbrook #Durant #nbaplayoffs

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