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Normal Dead king jewelry
  •   caitlincosmarchy Super! 1mon
  •   tattoobarbieatx Where is a website I can order from, possibly with a English option please and thank you I love you posts and have tried to follow it link, but it goes to a community .... @dead_king_j 1mon
  •   tattoobarbieatx Thank you @dead_king_j 1mon
  •   jimmybuddha You want me to send the diablo Organics catalog so you can copy them all? Come on man do some of your own designs.... Copies are lame. 1mon
  •   dead_king_j @jimmybuddha
    Dead King Jewelry do have some designs similar to other manufacturers, like titanium companies have pretty much similar designs of titanium barbells and other pretty much similar jewelry.
    But in general they all do have pretty much different catalogues.
    Still, if you insist, we can try to make more designs like you do.
    If it will be reasonable for our business. 1mon
  •   jimmybuddha If that's the way you like to do business then go for it. There are always those that imitate the original creators. Just seems silly to me when there are so many options out there.....but as long as you don't mind being three steps behind enjoy being mediocre. 1mon
  •   dead_king_j @jimmybuddha vodka, balalaika, sosi Russkii bolt 4w

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