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joelriffic This is Sunshine Monkey. I bought him at a dollar store 10 years ago. His arms open my curtain and let the light in. He also judges me for working at home in front of the TV in my jammies all day. #judgementalmonkey #downwardspiral 7h

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fraternalties The funny thing about #anxiety and #ptsd is that it fools you into thinking (and believing) that you're a #nobody. It can lead you to a path to #isolation.
Once #isolated, it will be easy for #depression to set in. Once #depressed, every passing hour of one's existence can become a harrowing experience physically, mentally, and emotionally.
It becomes harder to control your #thoughts and #emotions. Every #memory that comes by seem to be #negative in nature. You isolate yourself even further.

There will be a tendency to connect the dots and draw predictions of ones future based on faulty mental deductions. The trouble is when one is depressed they don't see things as a whole. They only see the negative side and forget that there is #positive on the other side of the equation. They only see a broken #yinyang. Life becomes a cage.

If left untreated, this can lead the individual into a #downwardspiral with a #tragic end. But with proper mentality, the individual will learn to see that he can make a beautiful and lavish garden using all the shit that life have thrown at him.

The question now is how and where to get this proper mentality? I followed 3 steps:
1. Know Yourself. Let isolation be your guide. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Don't waste the opportunity to get to know yourself by playing video games or watching TV like a kid with no responsible adult watching over.

2. Strong body, strong mind. Strengthen your body with the right nutrition and plenty of vigorous physical activities that will make you sweat. Every cell in your body, most specially your brain- that hungry organ that houses your mind- will thank you for the oxygen boost. You will feel more confident.

3. Share your life experiences. You don't have to broadcast it to the world but it would be nice if you could share it to your most trusted ones. You will get a load off your chest and your listener might learn a thing or two from it, and as a bonus, they may provide you with another perspective that may help you get a better view.

Shout out to @griportoken for the cool #afam #freemasonry shirt that I'm wearing here.

#muaythai #muaythailifestyle #k2toostrong #krudarstrong

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  •   span_one_sdk @nome269_ yo son what's up with that arrow? You down with the devil is that why it's pointing down? 1d
  •   nome269_ Lol. Thats fucking hilarious^^^^the devil isn't real dude. Im pointing down for all of us being held down by ignorant comments like that. Fucking get real with that shit. Made my fucking day though. Lol 1d

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hellomynameisstephie This is me with donuts.... Goin to the gym and... I'll just swing by Tim Hortons real quick and pick up a quick pre gym energy snack
@theonlydarknlovely !!!
#cupcakes #donuts #yum #fatkid #downwardspiral #2brokegirls #sweettooth #gym #preworkout #ineedit

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jgoodyp This drink was so good, I had to break my rule and stay for a second drink. So this is #4 and #5. Literally this may be one of the best mixed drinks I've ever had. Not for those who can't stand being a little hipster-douchebaggy-mountain. If you Crossfit, are Vegan, or have a friend who likes weed, this drink is most definitely up your alley. I am none of these things but I fucking loved it.
#Zest #Antioxidrink #coldpressed #juice #greens #coldpressedjuice #gin #fresh #slc #saltlakecity #utah #localdrinks #stoppingateverybaronthewaybacktomyhotel #downwardspiral #barhop #fridayfunday #organic
  •   jgoodyp @s_rod14 I'm pretty solidly buzzed. I got about 5 hours of sleep and I'm guessing that I'm at some kind of altitude right now. I felt it after my second drink today. And I've been praying with @bottomsup_il so you know I've got some tolerance built back up 3d
  •   samwhitmore50 This has been one of my favorite reads of the night from "hipster-douchbaggy" "how drunk are you" to "solidly buzzed" 3d
  •   jgoodyp Hahahahaha @samwhitmore50 and for the record I meant *drinking with @bottomsup_il...not praying... 3d
  •   bottomsup_il Clearly hah 3d

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