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Normal January Jones
jonesjanuary dear bugs: sometimes the light kills. { stay safe } /// #dontheadforthelights #light #pattern #yellow 3y
  •   jonesjanuary lights and looking up are kinda my go-to and tried and true IG subject. thank you! i remember thinking that lights are so deceiving for bugs. they go toward the light, and then they die :( // @serenepearl 3y
  •   sixis Very cool! It pops out on my screen! 3y
  •   sharidiane Love this! 3y
  •   nickspud Love the light and detail here. My eyes are glued. 3y
  •   ferdandrade Beautiful feed! 3y
  •   _kilsey Beautiful! 3y
  •   dankhole Beautiful, JJ!  3y
  •   palila Gorgeous eye and feed you have, January! 2y

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