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huuwww Any thoughts on these drum microphones? I'm going to buy microphones for my kit now. I've been recommended these microphones. If you have used these microphones previously or have heard about these microphones before please give me feedback on them! #sessiondrummer #music #microphones #shure #DMK57 #SM57 #A56D #purchase #feedback #recording #live #performance #needcomments #money #happy #excited #drumkit #custom #saywhhaaat #audience #gopro 6mon
  •   tyger_blood_drums Nice kick mic 6mon
  •   huuwww Okay. Thank you for all your comments. I am grateful for the advice! Keep posting! It helps me to produce popular uploads, as feedback allows me to know what equipment to use / what songs to play, so that you as a viewer enjoy them. @waylonbc @natillyb @fabitodrummer @thedjdash @psychoactiveman @drummer138 @ojaugustine @adamh735 @tyger_blood_drums 6mon
  •   samaeljlopezg22 Sm57 5mon
  •   raybank1d I would agree with @thedjdash and say you should do something different for the toms...the Sennheiser e604's are pretty popular and Ive heard some great things out of them. You can get a 3 pack for $350 which I dont think is too unreasonable. The clips on them are pretty damn sturdy too; through happenstance Ive borrowed some of the Coachella gear to record before, and there were some in the box that I used. Not a lot of bleed, and they sound pretty great dry. Another option Ive seen but not heard yet are Sennheiser 421's. Ive only ever used them with horns in a live setting, but on a kick it nasally to me cuz in my opinion, the kick is too low for the mic to handle well. Im getting e604's myself when I can. I use the Beta52 and SM57 all the time though, except with my group we use AT4041's but thats because its a traveling group and our Tech Director expects we break things hahaha. 4mon
  •   huuwww Thanks for the comment man. Very detailed. Thanks for offering your thoughts! I still haven't brought the mics yet! Will be doing it soon however so will bear your comment in mind before I buy them! @raybank1d 4mon
  •   brian_pothier I've got the 3 SM57s and the Beta52 awesome mics great quality for the price! 3mon
  •   i_am_p_ludo I'd swap the extra 2 sm57 for 2 e604 as already recommended. The other mics will do great. 1mon
  •   i_am_p_ludo Oh boy, just realised the date of the post! You might have invested for quite long time now !! Poor me. 1mon

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