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on the streets with niall

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cupcakeziall489 Anger sex


It's because of the bar fight he found himself involved with, and the alcohol was still Roaming through his veins. Heighting his emotions and you were right there, looking beautiful as ever. And he just couldn't help but to push and press himself against you and have his hips meet yours. "Fuck me" he growls, needing something sweet and salty to take his mind off the anger of the fight. Which was you.

It's because he doesn't like you moving so much, and the bucking of your hips makes him just a tad bit irritated. But he takes it to the form of foreplay, his smirk appears when you are eager to have your hips need his. "Stay still" he growls, pushing your hips down with both hands digging into your hipbones, "still" he waits until you're still and eyes you so you completely understand him, before he goes down on you again.

It's because of the comments online that made him angry-- the ons questions his sexuality and his position when it comes to dominance. So? He took it out on you, grinning when you looked up at him with gleaming eyes, very much liking it when he took the lead. "I'm mad" he whispers he hands locking around your wrists, "because they think I. Ant make you feel good. But I can, baby, oh I very much can, and will"


It's because that guy was flirting with you and he became not so happy at all, oh no, just the opposite, and he found himself pushing you into the mattress and roaming his hands all over you, his possessive streak coming back out of its shell. "Mine" he mumbles against your neck, his fingers making their way down your underwear. "Mine, do you understand? Mine, just mine, you're mine, all mine..." Liam:

It's because he's more angry at himself than anyone else. Because of letting you go and now that he is just getting you back, his hands are running down your waist as he swallows in the anger that he has for leaving you, "I can make you feel so bad good baby like old times. Let me do it, please? Let me make you scream."

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