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the5sosand1dfam FINALLY the media sees the good in Harry! It's way overdue, but they're finally writing the truth! I am so proud of Harry and all he does for us fans, he's such a good person, a brilliant role model and a genuinely lovely person! #proudofharry #iloveyouharry #directionersloveharry #harryedwardstyles #harrystyles #onedirection #1D 2w

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dianadirecti FanFic! CHAPTER2

Y: your so sweet ^^ (blushed). He grabbed the towels from your arms and said:

H: you go and relax on the sofa.You had a hard day.

You were looking at each others eyes and then you realized that you were falling in love with him. You went to the sofa and then he comed.

H: you can stay here till the rain stops and the water of the streets goes away.
Y: Harry you realy don't have to...
H: I woul do anything for a girl like you.
(He said with a grin)

Y: MrStyles are you flirting with me?^^ H:maybe...hahaha. If you want we can make some fagitas for dinner.

Y:I agree

You two made fagitas together. You laught and talked all night. Then a movie was on Tv. You whent to the sofa, each one in a different one. H: you can go to sleep on my bed and I will sleep on the couch.

Y: don't worrie I can sleep on the couch.

H: hun, its better if you sleep on my bed.

Y:oh well then, I'm gonna fall asleep on the couch and you won't do nothing about it. You two were laughing, then you were watching the movie, you felt sleepy and falled asleep. Harry picked you up and carried you to his room, laid you on his bed, kisses your cheek sweetly, and then he went to sleep on the couch.

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dianadirecti Hazzy :3 :D ♡ I have to confess something... I love them all because they are spectacular ... but Harry is my favorite♡ He's the youngest of the band, he's 20 now!♡ I am crazy in love with him♡ hazza♡ #H.S #HarryStyles #SexySweetLove #HotOMG #LoveIt #DirectionersloveHarry #OneOfMy5Heros #ThankYou4Everyrhing #Lovelovelove #likelikelike #HazzaHazza #followforfollow #followforfollow #followforfollow #followforfollow #followforfollow #loveHarryStyles #LoveOneDirection 4w

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