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2y nerdist
Normal Chris Hardwick
nerdist OF COURSE my sonic screwdriver was in my bowling shoe. Of course it was. #DefinedByOnePic 2y
  •   gdzapa That's really the only logical place for a sonic screwdriver... 2y
  •   no_manches_guey Don't we all keep it there? Am I missing something? 2y
  •   brwrgirl Yes but where is your skate key? 2y
  •   itchickie The bag. It's bigger on the inside. 2y
  •   alex_l_h My sonic is in my TARDIS (cookie jar) 2y
  •   sunflowerdaisyy i didn't see it at first, and i have the same screwdriver 2y
  •   frannymabob @gerylyn hahha 5mon
  •   gerylyn @frannymabob you would lose yours in the fridge with your sodas. 5mon

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