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max_svrdl Каждый сваливает свои ошибки на свое время.

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Normal Illuminate the world.
majmaharayama There's the Sheppard and then there's the sheep. #consciousness #higherawareness 8min

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yusalife Who are we in dreams?

This question problematizes self-identity in a state of mind usually construed as unreal.

What happens when we awake in dreams and are able to manipulate our identities in surreal conditions?

The phenomenon of lucid dreaming allows such manipulation to occur, freeing the individual to explore various possibilities of selfhood without the burden of conformity to waking roles.

It parallels the postmodern perspective on the decentered nature of the self.

The postmodern self subsists on fractal identities that in lucid dreaming form the basis of personal creativity. Lucid dreaming converges with postmodernism to suggest an alternative method for transcending the conventions of everyday life.

The descriptions of lucid dreaming suggest that self-realization of dreaming is a deconstructive experience.

Moments into lucid dreaming, the dreamer realizes the possibility of going beyond ascribed roles in waking life. By experimenting with a variety of new roles in the dream state, the lucid dreamer is actually engaged in deconstructive action that challenges the apparent stability of self-identity in waking life.

The lucid dreamer does not lose all sense of the self as conceived in waking life, but he or she is able to act in different ways to undermine the prescribed meanings constituting the reality of the self in waking consciousness.

In other words, all social rules for self-identity can be tested and broken in lucid dreaming without the dreamer incurring the consequences of the waking world.

For example, when a person walks through walls or flies into the sky in lucid dreaming, there is no one in the dream environment to accuse him or her of being mad.

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Normal Lyman Taiste
oraclepriestess Balè (bow) and Prostate before your Divine self...Bow your head to your heart and begin your day grateful for that which is your. Divine guiding source within you. Show honor to that which you are ...for the ALL is...You. Connect to humility for your Divinity in this Asana (posture). Diviine is just as much within you as it is outside of you.
Be blesssed...Good Morning

#affirmation: I am open and receptive to all the loving support and wisdom Divine has in store for me this day. I suspend my limiting ego and false soul perceptions, and recognize that the way things naturally unfold today is for my highest good. I fully accept that I am a Holy Spirit embodied in human form, here to grow my soul. I embrace all that occurs and has occured as necessary to merge my human consciousness with my Holy Spirit and Source, my Creator. I am humvle that Divine's plan for me is filled with far more love, generosity and blesthan any plan i could desire for myself. I expect success in every area of my life today. I trust in the Divine order, which is working for me this day. and so it is A'se Amun Amen.

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Normal Hello, I'm Victor

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33min yusalife
Normal Your Universal Soul Abundance
yusalife The YUSA Guide was written as a guide to aide and assist the reader in remembering what has long been forgotten, to return to Abundance we must reestablish the equilibrium throughout the three spheres of reality the MIND BODY & SPIRIT.

The biggest and most useful investment on this whole planet is the process of SELF-INVESTMENT

Unfortunately the way the current system is set up, your best interests ARE NOT at the top of the agenda.

Now is the time to take full responsibility and control for your reality. Knowledge is ONLY powerful upon application!

The best place to get your copy of the YUSA guide Is via the Link in the bio, which Is for Amazon, the ebook is currently free via Amazon Prime which means smartphone and tablets can get this free. For the real bookworms check what promotions Amazon currently have running in your region

Please don't forget to leave feedback on Amazon, DM, email however is easiest for you. We want to connect with as many people as possible as there's a free gift for all our readers.

#Balance #Abundance #Karma #Chakra #KnowThySelf #Manifest #Atom #DNA #Creation #Positivity #Spirituality #Universe #13 #Consciousness #Mindfulness #Veganlife #BookWorm #YouAreACreator #Freedom #Passion #Wealth #KnowThyself #Organic #SupportUs #YUSALIFE

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  •   theyogidr Awesome! Great seeing you yesterday at the trunk show YogaWorks Southbay! Love your stuff.., you'll see posts from me in the future! 32min
  •   courtsambers can't wait to wear my tshirt in some nice summer weather soon 5min

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