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Normal Carabee - Land of Bean
carabee74 Left the girl alone with the playdoh for just a couple minutes and came back to this. My OCD head is going to explode. #COLORSMIXING #ARGHHHH 3y
  •   kirstensnilsen Annnnnd THAT is why PlayDoh is banned in my house. I'm not OCD abt much, but art supplies? Hoo boy. 3y
  •   dawnainhamilton When my kids were little they could only play with 1 colour at a time 3y
  •   carabee74 @dawnainhamilton Usually I police the playdoh usage pretty tightly but you slack off for a minute and BOOM colors all mingled. It was anarchy. 3y
  •   vicindc That would go straight to the trash can. Ha! 3y

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