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flip1n Between the rocks and the deep blue sea. 1mon
  •   nixichic Beautiful shot!! 1mon
  •   flip1n Rocky but yeah! It was an awesome spot to sit on a rock and watch the sunset. @miazuzunara 1mon
  •   flip1n Thanks chikky!!! I got the Patron VIP seat! Haha. It was a beautiful performance by our diva, the sun. @nixichic 1mon
  •   langhr You have so many beautiful pictures!! Love your photos ;) 1mon
  •   flip1n Awww thank you Haoran!!! So do you! Still snowing in Canada? @langhr 1mon
  •   l_evate Love it, my friend! 4w
  •   flip1n Thanks @l_evate!!! 4w
  •   davide.75 So nice 2w

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