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Hudson Juliana Lellis

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hgfireiscatching CHAPTER 45: December 2012

A sudden cold gust of air pebbles my exposed flesh with goosebumps. My muscles tighten and reflexively my body curls into a ball as I feel my vocal chords vibrate in my throat tiredly.

I poke my head underneath my pillow to block out the gray sky which shines through the blinds Katniss must have opened up this morning. She nudges my thigh twice, a silent signal for me to get up. I figure if I ignore her long enough she'll return the covers and let me drift back to sleep.

If only it wasn't so damn cold in here, like a tundra.

She nudges me again and underneath the pillow I shake my head twice, though in the back of my mind I know sleep has now long passed. The pillow lifts from its spot covering my face and then lands back on top of me roughly.

That's it.

I sit up quickly and toss the pillow in Katniss's direction. The look of pure horror on her face with my unexpected retaliation and the way her mouth widens in a way that lets me know she's screaming has me snickering to myself contently.

She smirks, holding the pillow and blankets hostage. "I need to start sleeping in my own bed," I grumble. "You do half the time." "Without you," I tease and she rolls her eyes, feigning hurt. "You'd never wake up if I wasn't here to do it for you; it's after eleven o'clock you know." "So? We're on vacation. You're supposed to sleep in on vacation."
  •   hgfireiscatching It's four days into our break from classes and two after Christmas. We have the rest of this week off and one more Monday before we have to return and I had planned to spend most of my time in bed, sleeping.

    Katniss wanted none of that.

    Christmas passed quickly, but well. I snuck out from Katniss's room early in the morning back to my own house and made pancakes and entire package of bacon with my brothers and father, our one tradition. Father didn't go into the bakery (which nearly killed him) and Rye waited until three in the afternoon to disappear with friends (which nearly killed him). Bannock and I stayed close to home, but later on in the evening I did wander back over to Katniss's. Much to both of our surprise, her Mother was home and in a pleasant mood. She and Prim made cookies together, to which Prim replied they aren't as good as mine but they'll do... or at least, that's what Katniss told me.

    Katniss was actually wearing an old Christmas present she gave to me about three years earlier: a pair of white and red striped long-johns and a green waffle-knit long-sleeved shirt. It was a gag gift, which she told me I didn't even have to use, but of course I did, because it was from her.

    The pants bunched awkwardly and the shirt did little to nothing to help cover it up, but the image made Katniss burst into laughter and has kind of been a joke ever since.

    I don't fit into the set anymore - I've done a lot of growing in the past three years - so Katniss basically keeps it at her place, and occasionally in the winter she'll bundle up in it. "Aren't you excited for tonight?" Katniss asks me, snapping me out of my recollection of Christmas. She's wearing the necklace I gave to her, entwining her fingers through the chain subconsciously. 16min
  •   hgfireiscatching Tonight, we're going to see a movie that's just come out with Johanna, Gale, Finnick and Madge. It looks pretty good and is all everyone has been talking about for the past several days. We had to wait a couple extra days for them to set it up in the theatre which broadcasts subtitles, but they figured it was better anyway, this way the theatre would be less crowded. "Yes," I reply, running a hand through my messy bed head. "What time is that again?" "Six-thirty." "Right." It's an action-based movie, about an infectious disease which overtakes this small town and turns everyone into zombies. Of course there's a minor love story weaved in somehow as well.

    Katniss has already warned me I'm not allowed to let go of her hand if it gets too frightening... not that I mind it at all. "All right, I'm up, I'm up," I sign before stretching from the bed, cracking my back and letting out an involuntary yawn, moving toward the door to use the bathroom. "So, what are your plans for the day?"I ask out of curiosity. She stays curled up on the bed and shrugs her shoulders just slightly. "Well, Johanna and them had wanted to hang out before the movie tonight. Not sure what they wanted to do exactly, but she invited us over to her house." "All right." "But," she continues, "I told them we'd just meet up with them later at the theatre. Hope that's okay with you." 16min
  •   hgfireiscatching I'm shocked by her answer, blinking rapidly several times before nodding like an idiot. "Sure, but why? Don't you want to hang out with them?" "Actually, I kind of thought we could do something together," when she finishes signing, she looks down to the blankets bunched around her middle and twists it nervously. "I mean, besides sitting around here or your place at night, we don't do much anymore." I smile, pleasantly surprised by her words. "You're right. Any ideas on what you want to do?" "Well," she says, untwisting herself from the bed and standing up across from me. "I got a really awful sweater for Christmas. I'd like to return it, if you don't mind going to the mall?" I earn a broad smile when I feign annoyance, placing my hands on my hips and rolling my eyes impatiently. The way her shoulders bounce and nose wrinkles are clear indicators that she's chuckling and when she sticks her tongue out I reciprocate the action before telling her I'll be right back.

    I fiddle with the lock on the Everdeen's bathroom for a long moment before quickly going to the bathroom, washing my face and brushing my teeth. I feel an odd sense of...giddiness? at the prospect of spending the day out with Katniss.

    With everything that's been going on as of late, it's almost a relief to know we'll be spending the day with one another without any interruptions or distractions. It's not until this moment, when I'm re-fiddling with the door to unlock it, that I realize how much I really have missed spending time with Katniss. 15min
  •   hgfireiscatching Although I see her every night, those are mostly spent doing homework and falling asleep early. Today is what we both need.

    When I re-enter Katniss's room, dressed and ready to go, I find her in the same spot, pajamas stripped and laying in a puddle on the ground and in their place a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt.

    She's just placing a rubber band at the end of her long braid when she catches my face in her mirror and turns with a smile. "Ready to go?"
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clatopost Isabelle
We're sorry for being so inactive, I'll post bunch tommorow k?
I still have to ask the other owner, but what do you think about posting pictures likes this of Isabelle and Alexander instead of edits bc b&w edits are really hard.
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goodnight while I try to sleep.
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Normal Carlos Mota Cmt

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