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mrexclusivecustoms A defense of Johnny Manziel -- at least until we know if he can play or not: by Bill Livingston

CLEVELAND, Ohio – After Browns coach Mike Pettine's devotion to Brian Hoyer was sealed by a fraternity handshake as brothers in the Loyal Order of the Overlooked (to use Hoyer's term for himself and his teammates), Manziel has been a spare part. He is not even used when the package of plays emphasizing his mobility might have helped start the offense.

Hoyer actually has benefited from so much good wishes as Brian Ignatius or Moses Cleaveland-Hoyer or whatever the fan ID of the day for him is, that Browns' victories in spite of his spotty play are fully accredited to him.

From here, Hoyer is what he is – a middle- to back-of-the-pack starter, beset by inconsistency, but one with whom fans identify because of his Cleveland roots and his hard work and seriousness.
From here, the Browns would be foolish to throw huge money at him or to apply a franchise player tag to him. It will be interesting to see how many suitors he has as a free agent.

No one knows what Manziel can do, since he never gets a chance. He has always been a different player when the bright lights are on, fans are in the stands, and attention is being paid.

The playoff chase, however, has probably scuttled any chance to see Manziel in action.

For Manziel's part, the extraneous noise that follows him around has drowned out  a reasonable discussion of his possibilities. He has been convicted on the grounds of his lifestyle.

These moralistic and censorious critics have forgotten what it is like to be 21 years old. They went straight from childhood to yelling at kids to get off their lawns.

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solo_ace_1914 Follow my bro, comrade, and fellow Officer @Nayne_Time follow now he follow back... 1d

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  •   tommy.baseball Lol I was listening to him for an hour lol this is so tru 1d
  •   runworkrun I'm so used to loosing games so I can care less if it's ugly, we are winning and fans complaining about hoyer need to stop acting selfish WE ARE WINNING!!!!!!! All that matters 1d
  •   the_kardiackid Feels good don't it @runworkrun 1d
  •   sanzy3 @ronis494 effin a 1d
  •   ronis494 Love it @sanzy3 , he knows he played horribly but despite all that he put together a game winning drive with only 44 seconds left! #Perseverance , time to keep rolling with The Destroyer!! 1d
  •   emj4real Please make sure that the hater sees this....... Booms' whining is played and tired. Go Browns! 1d

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dwntowncle The full name of Sully, the @monstershockey’s mascot, is Sullivan C. Goal! Get a pic with him at #WinterfestCLE next Saturday. #CLEMonsters #CLEhockey #mascot #dtCLE #Cleveland #CLE #Clevelandsports 2d

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