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camellajeni My kind of stir-fry this was heavenly! Some venison strips with tomato, onion, red pepper and broccoli. Can't forget the avo on the side

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healthivationnation Motivation Monday is here, once again!

So, I was watching some documentaries on Disney this weekend. One was how Disney World was built and one was about the Disney cruise ships. It was so interesting to hear not only about how they built everything, but that they even thought to put some of the "finishing touches" on things that we know today as being part of the Disney brand.

And, it got me thinking: this giant empire was built because one man had a dream that he pursued.

With the Disney company being the first to do a lot of these things, I'm sure Walt Disney had plenty of naysayers telling him his ideas were crazy.

But, he stayed true to himself and his dream.

This theme of "don't quit" has prevailed throughout a lot of my posts lately. Sometimes, it seems like the whole world is working against you. But, if you keep on going, and keep that spark of believing first and foremost in your mind, you can reach any goal you want.

A healthy lifestyle is often a matter of trial and error. There is such a plethora of information thrown at us today that it's hard to know where to even begin, much less how to keep it going so that you have continued results.

But, if you stay true to your goals and have that clear vision in mind of "I'm not giving up," you CAN reach your goals. Don't let anyone ever tell you that what you're trying to do can't be done because "our family has bad genes" or "you're too..." or "you don't have enough..." to get the job done. Be different. Know that you can change, and you'll find a way to do it.

Have a great Monday everyone! 🏼

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healthivationnation Happy Simplicity Sunday, everyone!

I think we need simplicity after this week! How did Black Friday and Small Business Saturday shopping go for you? Are you exhausted?

So, obviously, this week might have been a little crazy for you: maybe you were traveling or maybe you were hosting the Thanksgiving festivities or maybe you just got caught up in holiday shopping. Whatever the case, this week was probably not normal for you in terms of your health and fitness routine.

That's okay!

Did anything come up this week that made you want to simplify things for next week? Did you have to simplify anything this week, just to get your workouts in? What worked and what didn't for you? What will you choose to do next week that will keep things easier for you to manage?

Plan what you're going to do for this coming week, and it'll be easier for you since you've thought about it (and maybe written it down?) ahead of time.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone! 😀

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camellajeni Breakfast of champions, EGGS!!! these gorgeous little gifts are so versatile, boiled or poached, scrambled or fried the options are endless!! #breakfast #eggs #eatclean #clean_eating #yummy #tomato #mushrooms #food #ilovefood #protein #fitfarmgirl #fitgirls #healthy #healthyeating 2d

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healthivationnation Happy Secrets to Success Saturday, everyone!

As I was thinking about the post from yesterday, and just how much of our daily thought process is put into what we eat/eating healthy, I wondered if Thanksgiving would be a make-or-break moment for anyone. I can imagine it probably would be.

And, what I mean by this is that since all of the things we eat on Thanksgiving (or for any holiday or special occasion, for that matter) are usually so much more indulgent than what we eat on a regular basis, it can derail healthy eating habits for good.
I know the feeling. This is why I don't give myself a "cheat day" - one would turn into two, and two would turn into three, and before you know it, I'm "cheating" the whole week. I've tried it before and it just doesn't work for me.

But, the reason I know this is because I've tried and failed at it.

I know that for me, keeping my eating habits pretty consistent throughout the week helps the most.

And, that, I think, is the most important thing: keep trying. No matter what realm of your life you're talking about, you'll never get the answer unless you try it and figure out if it works FOR YOU. If it doesn't, keep going until something does!

Happy Saturday, everyone! Hope you have a wonderful day!

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healthivationnation Happy Flash Friday, everyone! How was your Thanksgiving yesterday? Are you partaking in any of the Black Friday madness? If so, good luck!

So, let's look back at this week. Now, I know this week was a holiday week, and so you may have changed some things around, eaten more than usual (it's Thanksgiving - you've got to indulge sometimes!), maybe eaten things you don't normally eat. Whatever. It's a holiday. Don't get down on yourself if you're feeling guilty about it.

But, let's look at your normal routine. Though this week may have been a little different, what worked for you along your health and fitness journey? Did you have to change any of your workouts up a bit? Did you eat any differently in the beginning of the week in anticipation of Thursday's festivities? What didn't work?

And, looking forward to next week, when your schedule is probably back to normal, will you keep what you have been doing the same? What did you learn from this week that you could use for next week?

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and have a wonderful Friday!

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camellajeni Chicken boobs, broccoli, rice, mustard and avo.. I really do love food #lunch #food #colourful #protein #carbs #fat #chickenboobs #eatyourgreens #eatclean #clean_eating #yummy #eatyourveggies #foodporn 3d

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healthivationnation Happy Thrive...I mean Thankful...Thursday, everyone!

Hope you all have a wonderful day with some of the people that allow you to thrive in your daily life.

Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

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Normal Kathryn Ashton-Hillier
ashtonhillier Inbox me and be ready for the new year ! This is the product everyone is talking about ! #juceplus #weight #healthy #clean_eating 5d

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healthivationnation Happy Wednesday, everyone! As promised, today we're going to talk about goals and goal-setting as part of our new "Write It Down Wednesday" feature.

Did you know that it has been shown that if you write your goals down, you're more likely to reach them?

What goals do you have for yourself in terms of health and fitness? What goals do you have for yourself as we head into the holidays?

Today, let's focus on the short-term: what is one goal you have for yourself (health and fitness-wise) for the next week?

Is it to go to the gym/workout at home on your regular schedule, despite the Thanksgiving holiday?

Is your goal to not stuff yourself? And, what does "stuff" mean to you - is it a certain amount of calories? A certain amount of macros? Does it mean not eating dessert at Thanksgiving dinner?

Is your goal to make the usual Thanksgiving meal healthier for your family by trying new recipes this year?

Whatever your goal is for the week, write it down somewhere that you can see it regularly.

Now, is your goal specific enough? For example, in the "stuffing" goal above, notice how that goal in and of itself is vague. By defining calorie or macro count (or however you personally define it), you're making it so specific that it's clearly spelled out. Not eating dessert is pretty specific, too.

And, moving forward, how are you going to take responsibility when temptation hits? Can you designate a family member to remind you of your goal if the temptation to not reach it becomes too much ("give me alllllll the desserts!!!")? Will that person really have you stick to that goal, or will he or she give you a "pass" since it's a holiday? Remember, support is a key thing!

So, until tomorrow, remember to set a goal for this week. Make it as specific as possible. WRITE IT DOWN. Put it somewhere you're going to see it. And, let those who will be around you know that you have this goal and are serious about reaching it. Visualize how good you'll feel after reaching it.

Now, let's go kick this goal's butt! Have a great day, everyone! 🏼

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camellajeni Who else likes tuna and pineapple?? Mmm can't get enough! #tuna #fish #pineapple #carbs #fruit #eatclean #clean_eating #food #gains #ilovefood #yummy #getinmybelly 6d

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camellajeni Benefits of living on a game farm... Grass fed venison any day you want!! This dinner tasted like more, venison with tomato and onion, some wild brown rice and mixed veg!! #grassfed #venison #dinner #food #veggies #vegetables #carbs #meat #gains #eatclean #clean_eating #ilovefood #farmlife #gamefarm #yummy 6d

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healthivationnation Happy Tuesday, everyone! You know what that means: Tuesday Trivia time!

In anticipation of tomorrow's talk about goal-setting, this week's trivia question is: what was the first goal you set for yourself on your health and fitness journey?

I know, I know...for some, the journey started a loooooooooooong time ago. But, no matter who you are, what your goals are now, or how much health and fitness is a part of your life, it's always good to remember where you came from!

And, because you asked (it's okay if you didn't ), mine had to do with running. Back then, I didn't know the importance that eating healthy plays into a health and fitness routine, so I was solely focused on running. I still remember that first day, running with my dad and not even making it to the end of the street. I felt like I was dying!

But, years later (like, over 20 ), here I am: still running and loving it. AND, I can pretty much pick up and run any day of the week for an hour or more (I like long-distance versus sprints, though those are a part of my routine to mix it up or train for a race). So, the point of this story is: it doesn't matter where you start, it matters that you keep going. You can get to your goals, and then bypass them (and then give yourself bigger goals )! Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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