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administrativegroupofchurches Nothing about you is typical, nothing about you's predictable, you got me all twisted and confused. Up till now I thought I knew love, nothing to lose and it's damaged cause, patterns will fall as quick as I do, this is so new.

Bridges are burnin
Baby I'm learning
A new way of thinking now
Love, I can see
Nothing will be
Just like it was
Is that because

Baby, you're so unusual. Didn't anyone tell you you're s'posed to, break my heart, so why haven't you? Maybe you're not even human, only an angel could be so unusual. Like a sweet surprise I could get used to, unusual you.

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britneyholic2 Hello! Wont be posting so much till tomorrow night cuz i'm at my brothers and internet doesnt work very well :/ anyway beautiful outtake from 2008 photoshoot #britneyspears #britneyarmy #beautiful #britneybitch #britneymusic #britneypower #intimatebritneyspears #ilovebritneyspears #itsbritneybitch #prettygirls #proudofbritneyspears #pieceofme #circus #circusera #weloveyoubritneyspears 1mon

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Normal Michael David Coogan
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