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quhuy I'm Chelsea till i die :)
#ministatuette #chelseaplayers

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andrey_brilliant Pedro backs Cesc Fabregas to win over Chelsea fans.

#Pedro: "It was difficult for him but he can get through this. Cesc is strong mentally and very competitive.

#Pedro: "Cesc is a top player, a very good character in the team, he is a winner and it's good he plays for us.

#Pedro: "I understand why the fans are so upset. It's normal when the team and coach are in this position.

#Pedro: "Jose Mourinho is a very good coach, It is a difficult situation for everyone.

#Pedro: "It was certainly difficult for the players, but it was an important win. The supporters have been good to us this season.

#Pedro: "They have always been with us, together. I don't say anything against them, they are part of us.

#KTBFFH #ChelseaFC #PedroRodriguez #CescFabregas #ChelseaPlayers #Spaniards #CFC #ComeOnChelsea

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bluecfc_n6 If we look at the stats, they are the worst players since the 1978/79 season; Or they are the good players but play like they are the worst!!!
Chelsea haven't lost this many matches so early in a campaign since the 1978/79 season ! and thats because the relationship between the manager and some players had broken down as chelsea technical director said, But the players forgot to play for us! They forgot to play for @chelseafc
But @premierleague history will not forget your loses record #worst #season

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cfcgirll The things is the player they should have played for the shirt!! Today just showed the assface some of our players are Fabregas Pedro and Ivanovich <- they are some of the players I have lost my respect for)
people are like its Chelsea Fc and Mourinho Fc, Ofc its Chelsea Fc but Chelsea need someone who stays for some years they can't keep on shacking managers!
And Mourinho was im sorry is the perfect he love Chelsea and the fans just as much as the fans love him! he knows Chelsea ! but thx to Eva hazard Fabregas Ivanovich Pedro and all of the others players who didn't show no desire or commitment all season. and tbh our boss A should have made them who didn't want to play sit on the bench every game so they would remember who the manager is not take mou away from us!! AND @willianborges88 DAYUM THIS IS Y HE IS MY FAV HE ALWAY PLAY 100% HE SO GOOD AND EVEN WHEN THE OTHER PLAYERS DIDNT WANT TO PLAY UNDER MOU HE DID EVERYTHING HE COULD I LOVE THIS MAm

THiS #specialone

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bluecfc_n6 Alan Shearer :
"I have never known players to perform like they did last season and then be so bad now. It's unprecedented."
Some players didn't fight
Even if some players didn't want Mourinho, the best manager, they must have a sense of pride that would not let @Chelseafc fail.
I am disappointed

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