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5mon catronik
Valencia Mariteknicolour
  •   joydestroy Did you cut your hair?! 5mon
  •   catronik Oh no!, is still the same =^.^= if you know anything about to adopt a puppy let us know !! @joydestroy 5mon
  •   joydestroy I can find you a puppy anytime anywhere what kind do you want 5mon
  •   catronik Small dog maybe a male, I'll love to find a Boston terrier but is hard to adopt one :/ 5mon
  •   catronik She will be very happy!! I'll hope you n your beautiful family have a great time @joydestroy 5mon
  •   joydestroy We are home already we were there for less than 24 hrs atleast I got to see my family so no complaints 5mon
  •   catronik Yes! That's very important all together, I hope one day we all go there, the food looks delicious, u guys are lucky @joydestroy 5mon
  •   joydestroy 5mon

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