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lindsaykamikawa Friday night, teach me how to enjoy feeling lost in translation. #englishmajorstrife #canterburyfails 12mon
  •   haleybartels Dude the English in Chaucer is actually really cool because it's the only language where if you just stare at it long enough, it starts to make sense 12mon
  •   laurenceili Oh I know this struggle well. Had to memorize chunks of the general prologue to present to my professor--not fun haha. 12mon
  •   lindsaykamikawa @haleybartels I needed that. And I trust that. Thanks for your encouragement @laurenceili yes I've heard memorizing the beginning is like the christening into English major legitimacy! Must do.. Reluctantly 12mon
  •   lenamarandi I miss you nerd wife 12mon
  •   laurenceili Haha its definitely a right of passage! The official english major welcome 12mon
  •   lindsaykamikawa And I miss mine @lenayasmin 12mon

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