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blackwhitevivid I finally got my hand on some pretty delicious figs again 🏻 The previous weeks have been super hot in Egypt and it became challenging at times to find fresh fruits and veggies. Most of the produce is locally grown which is fantastic but it also means that too much heat means less choice.
Anyhow, I'm happy to report that the weather is back to 'normal' again ️ and I enjoyed my brekkie full of figs.

Blueberry coconut chia pudding served with fresh figs, bananas, homemade raw sunflower seed butter, pumpkin and hemp seeds.

It's almost weekend here #Cairo. YAY

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8min catili
Valencia Sibel Catili Birler
lizzlow when all you see is sand when you look at the plane window - hello Egypt #eaglehaslanded #myegypt #cairo #egypt #travels #windowseatview #holizday 11min

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