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3y mer_mag
Normal Merrilee Liddiard
  •   fluximagery What a cutie. Did you make that piece up above? If so, what materials were used? Love it. 3y
  •   heather_rita Cutest assistant! 3y
  •   mer_mag @erika_b yes thanks. I used a very large square canvas and some black acrylic paint and went at it :) 3y
  •   munkstown Great Painting! 3y
  •   mer_mag @munkstown thanks! 3y
  •   agoldenafternoon Entrepreneurial kiddo! 3y
  •   littlelovlies Do u need a promo code for the sale @mer_mag ? 3y
  •   mer_mag @littlelovlies I put the sale on hold on account of the sick babe but if you buy one and just mention which print you want free in the combo I'll send them both to you. Thanks! 3y

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