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emblu Why would you even WANT something so ugly in your heart?
I used to struggle with this. I usually couldn't even understand why I was feeling such malice, I just allowed myself to. The more I grew as a person, the more I realized it was because I cared what others' opinions were on what brought about my own happiness, and envious of the people who didn't give a damn and took the happiness they're rightful to. If someone is HAPPY, they've found the point to it all, the ultimate success, be it with a certain person or doing a certain thing. Why do anything but empower each other to reach that? Impact POSITIVELY, enlighten and encourage yourself and those around you to search for and find the happy! Stop being negative fucking nancy if you're trying to take it from someone else!!!! Don't bring judgment and ugliness to something so beautiful and natural.

I'm so thankful for the love I've been shown through this outlet. I have never read a legitimate hateful comment on one of my own photos and it is such an awesome, uplifting experience. I want you all to be aware of the awesomeness you equate to. You must be professionals at buttering toast, because the way you spread the love is crazzZZzyyy!!!
  •   eastwoodccs namaste, bro. nothing more than blessings your way. 2mon
  •   citykidlwt you're amazing oh my 2mon
  •   emblu This is wonderful. Thanks for the response :) hope all of your season has been fantastic, best wishes with your art! @sundara.art 2mon
  •   emblu Lol don't say that. I'm just saying the message I was putting out is entirely different than the one you were responding with. I feel like in order to disagree with what I'm saying, it should first relate to the viewpoint I'm taking with it. I agree with a lot of what you were saying. @empathee 2mon
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  •   enthiosphoto I am just now seeing this, but this is so beautiful! The only thing that can drive us to pure happiness is love. It's the only motion in the universe. Everything besides love is e-motion. The prefix "e" meaning away. When we feel something that beautiful, how can we turn away? When we love ourselves and our world, we can't help but blossom into our true elegant, radiant selves. Thank you for recognizing love, appreciating love, and spreading love. That's all we can ask of anyone in our magnificent world 2mon
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