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bossipofficial Who says the Presidential Debates can't be fun too? Who's playing? #BossipDebates 3y
  •   brook_vs_cherish @stephoney007 dont kill the fun geez keep that old lady attitude to urself ! 3y
  •   iamsoher I'm in!! 3y
  •   stephoney007 @septembers_lastvirgo...I did throw in there to each his own...not trying to kill the fun love, just hope we'd educate the masses save the partying/drinking when we win...listen I'm down for a couple of drinks...just hoped that we'd take the debates more seriously...Do your thang mama!!! Get chocolate wasted!!! 3y
  •   brook_vs_cherish Its ok ima jus have a glass of wine lol as i do everynight after work lol @stephoney007 i wanna hear the message also but that game looks fun 3y
  •   ansc61 The nation will be totally wasted!!!...my kinda game! Im in! 3y
  •   mrscommand09 Let's get white boy wasted! 3y
  •   desiword @eewb Here are some Debate drinking rules! 3y
  •   kikidevine Lol @mrs0909 3y

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