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lesclothingco #LESGO #Blessed #TurningNegativesIntoPositives they charged me with a #A1 #Felony I created a legal career and small legal empire out of that experience...NOT only is that #LegalCareer still paying the bills...it has advanced me in indescribable ways in my own business and entrepreneurial pursuits and also assisted me with turning the very same neighborhood that I was born and raised in into a #BRAND that is still generating revenue...feeding me and building value and #equity all at the same damn time...now that's a #Win #Win - - don't be mad tho...NOT many could have pulled this off the way I did...and yes a #Career is what I have...I have a #CollegeDegree - - If I wanted to be suited up and working at one of these #Madison or #Park #Avenue Lawfirms for an annual 6 Figure salary the credentials and accomplishment in the legal world are self explanatory but I prefer being my own #BOSS on any given day...in closing...know the difference between a #HUSTLE and a #Career anybody can have a #HUSTLE a "Career" is something that's LongTerm ️ pardon my #Bluntness I don't know how to #Filter my mouth or thoughts and as U can tell I speak my mind... 7d

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a_healthy_fun_fitme05 I'm about this life
Through all my frustrations, errors, downfalls, mistakes & struggles I've had my good days, great days & blessed days but no matter what I still keep going, I've ask God for forgiveness in life, I know it hasn't been so perfect & I don't plan it to be ever, but I'm human I go through my own bull, & I've managed to stand tall smile and keep it moving, about 10 years ago I saw myself at 35 yrs old married with kids a house & a career but it hasn't been that way yet, so I keep striving & pushing I know God has a plan for me & I know the right time will come soon, God knows
But for what it's for, I am truly truly thankful & blessed for it all
I know my time will Come soon
#loveyourself #lovelife #livebig #thinkbig #grateful #gratitude #bluntness #mondaymotivation #myself #truestory #livelife #keepgoing

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uhmong_db4d what is it you emphasize
"Black mask , black attire , black gloves , white blunt equipped with deadly blackness condoming condemnation quite unbelievable insidious enough! how could we come 2 trust when we could see their true intentions if lucky minimal chance's they could prolly lock uhh nigga up dangerously tucked hard working families harassed and crushed. Entering no man's land nearing one cornered sided edges bucking at my fo'z till collected reparation considered consideration no longer a peasant Finally obtained eligibility nigga mutha-fuck all you dirty protected intimidators generating zolidarity..." 🇺🇭🇲🇴🇳🇬 #uhmong #peacefuluntilprovoked #longlyanticipated #bluntness #opportunities #runaway #municipal #justicesystem #massincarsaration #studiosession #dizhonourbe4death #Rizefromzer0 #Oakland #sanfrancisco #musicizlife #pigz #fuckemall #SFPD #OPD #HPF #CVPD #ALLPDS #journey #pouroutalittleliquor
  •   novembrv Terrific 3w
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  •   musicmarali Just passing through, love your IG 3w
  •   jd_fuzz Check out my last post brotha 2w
  •   madzsquare Ignorant. Don't call the police to help you when u get robbed 2w
  •   uhmong_db4d See people like you don't understand the rawness of expression if only you knew because basically your the ignorant individual bring all that negativity. Plus if their ever is to be a situation of robbery it's under self and cooperative investigation @madzsquare you sound upset lol 2w

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cool_bunnymixx It's true I might be blunt or sound mean but I'm honest #honesty #bluntness 3w

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gigis_vegan_constellation Mommy chronicles ... ...And it’s just you standing there naked, with your soul showing.

Every last inch of you is stamped with that sacred flavor of you-ness.

Yes, you are beautiful. Raw fully-featured beautiful with no make up and filters

You are pure-spun, deep-flowing magic.

But, beauty can’t comprehend you.

You’re a force, a spinning collection of memories and emotions and thoughts and impressions and loves and hates and failures and successes.

I can’t call you beautiful because it’s not enough.

So, I’ll call you brave. Pale-face. Sleepless-face BRAVE

I’ll call you intelligent, fierce, inspiring, talented and witty.

And it will still so f*cking fall short.

Because you are breathtakingly divine.


Because when everything is stripped away…

And it’s just you, standing there naked and raw, with your soul showing.

That’s when you’re most divine of all.


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1mon rachz1987
Normal Rachel Barker
rachz1987 #haha #bluntness freaking amazing!!! 1mon

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