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睡眠 大事だね☻ཻˌ


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  •   eriashi_ @heroaky ありがとう♡今日はもぅ全然大丈夫️お互い午後からもボチボチ頑張ろうね♬+° 3d
  •   eriashi_ @akenegg thanks a lot 3d
  •   miwas124 可愛いクモと柔らかい青空に癒されるーっ 3d
  •   eriashi_ @miwas124 ミワᔆᵃᵑ¨̮見てくれて ありがとう♡なんだか可愛いよね(˃͈ᴗ˂͈⑅)あたしもこの空好き♬+° 3d
  •   miwas124 睡眠ってとっても大事だよね体調回復して良かった私は数年振りに風邪引いちゃって花粉症と勘違いしてたよ汗 このpic見て早く元気になりそう3d
  •   eriashi_ @miwas124 ぅん︎ありがとうね(*ϋ*)ホント睡眠大事だよ❣ミワᔆᵃᵑ¨̮も睡眠たくさんとって早く元気になってほしい♡無理は禁物だよ٩(˃̶͈̀௰˂̶͈́) 3d
  •   kei1971 おはよーござい昨日と変わって天気が良いです、寒いですけどぼちぼちいきましょい 3d
  •   eriashi_ @kei1971 今日ゎ❣天気が良くてもまだまださむいよね(Д<)=それでも頑張らなくっちゃね٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و 2d

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haanh_lee #summertrip2013
This picture was taken unexpectedly as that night, deciding not to sleep in the hotel that my dad and I were arranged, I came to sleep over with another person staying at a different hotel. When I arrived, it was quite late already and very dark, there was barely enough light to see, so I didn't notice that the hotel room was near the beach (even until now, I can't explain the reason why I didn't know that the beach is right behind the hotel though I did spend time walking before going to sleep. I mean, I should have heard the sound of the sound of sea waves, right -,-). Just imagine that early in the morning, you walk out of the door, turn right ( =)) ), and the beach is right in front of your eyes :)). The feeling of seeing beautiful scenery makes you think of your loved one. You wish that person to be there with you, simply to take a stroll or sit down, turn on your favorite song and have a sweet chat :x. Yêu Hà Nội nhưng cũng muốn đi chơi nhiều :D. #blueskylover 26 Jan 2015

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