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  •   jreigner1017 @jaffster haha yes, I completely agree. I was talking to one of my friends after taking a nature walk, and they were amazed when I said I'd almost taken 2000 pictures. 3y
  •   arthropods_anonymous Wonderful! 3y
  •   jreigner1017 @arthropods_anonymous thanks again! 3y
  •   jaffster yeah, you gotta be a photographer to understand. I'm just glad we are in the digital age and can instantly view, edit, or delete--no darkrooms or film necessary. 3y
  •   jreigner1017 @jaffster haha yeah, my dad is always ranting about the marvels of the digital age but I completely agree. Snap! Instantly see what you took, tweak it to be just perfect, and there you go! Don't have to wait a day for your film to develop! 3y
  •   _its_me_sandy_ Fantastic! 3y
  •   jreigner1017 @anntix_ru thanks! 3y
  •   jreigner1017 @sandraanne_igg I appreciate it! 3y

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