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Normal Savannah Bicycle Campaign
savbikecampaign Len and Bob rode from California and stopped at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore this morning. They finished their journey at @visittybee, with the help of a police escort. Their ride raised money for Habitat of the East Bay/Silicone Valley. Imagine how many more people would use Tybee Island as a start or finish for cross country rides, touring, and simple trips to the beach if US Highway 80 and bridges were safe for people on bikes, #bikesav #bikesavannah #biketybee #visitsavannah #visittybee #savannah #savannahga #tybeeisland #habitatforhumanity 2w
  •   visittybee Welcome, friends! 2w
  •   tybeeisland Welcome, Len and Bob. We hope you stay and rest awhile. 2w
  •   jenncwest I would love to feel safe riding my bike to Tybee to enjoy the beach and not add to the car traffic on busy days. Maybe someday. 2w
  •   ereyesleblanc I've done the ride out to Tybee once. Those rumble strips are brutal! If only the bike lane extended the entire way... 2w
  •   dagnypariani I would bike to Tybee all the time if there was a bike lane! My dream is to 2w

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