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nihatguide Leaving Cappadocia today with this view, on the way to one-week-tour to West
Bir haftalik Bati turu yolunda, Kapadokya'dan bu manzarayla ayriliyoruz

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53min xhengloves
Normal XheNg Abdukadil Abdulla

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nickgirlando The moment I touched down I already started planning my next trip.. Where are you going next?

P.S. These were DS when I started, three days in I was ankle deep in mud and water 🏻️

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Normal Joe Marques🇨🇦🇵🇹
thejoeiknow I took this photo today reminding me of the events on October 25, 1994. At 8pm, Susan Smith murdered her two boys. Michael Daniel (age 3) and Alexander Tyler ( 14 months) by driving her car to the lake, parking the car on the ramp, getting out, putting the car in drive, releasing the parking break and watched the car disappear into the lake as both boys, barefoot, fastened, asleep in the back seat.
Blind Melon's "Car Seat"
Tongue tied, nerves as big as boulders
Why Mom, I thought I was your soldier
My brother sits by me
Buckled into the carseat

Feel the thirst, it's time for pulling over
Into the truckstop on my daddy's shoulder
Out back where they plant all the trees
ten feet away my daddy buries me [God's Presents]

If my path be smooth or rugged
If with thorns or roses strewn
Where I go the Father seeith
And He will leave me not alone

If I take the wings of morning
far within the giant sea
Even there His hand will leave me
Even there my God will be

Though the gloom of night be round me
Though I cannot see my way
Yet the Lord will see and guide me
Because unto Him the night is day

If my thought are good or evil
Set me think to hide them not
there is one above all seeing
And He beholdth every thought

And ever more my eyes beholds me
And all my ways to Him are known
And His loving arms enfolds me
He will leave me not alone

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ms.luxuryworldtraveler Would love a sunset here.... "Smile like you have never cried.
Fight like you have never lost.
Love like you have never been hurt and live like there's no tomorrow. " ♡
From now on for chance to be featured hashtag
Every week I select one picture of the week.
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