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Do what you are meant to do and everything will come into focus.

Lili and I had a ton of fun at agility last Friday night 😀😀 Also we got moved into the top and most experienced class How is everyone's day? Can't wait for the weekend to come so EXCITED ! Comment below of you excited or doing anything fun in the weekend I'm about to go to school now and if I have 1300 when I get home I will be ecstatic!!! I just reached 1270 YAY . If anyone could give me any shout out over DM or on their account I will be so so appreciative ( I will return some) + there might be a PRIZE to any one who gives me one

I just want to remind you all I am more then happy to give you amazing people advice of you need it (agility advice)

QOTD: what time do you get up in the morning? 😴😴

️ AOTD: 6 am

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  •   becca_and_noah I will @lazmoore96 - I am expecting big things! I can't believe they work out @ £12.50 18h
  •   lazmoore96 Really!? Have you seen the new naked palette?? I need it! 15h
  •   becca_and_noah Yes they work out @ 12.50ish! So better to bulk buy to save shipping costs I think. Hence the reason I just went for it & got brushes too. I haven't seen swatches for the smokey naked palette, is it amazing? I'm holding out for @makeupgeekcosmetics - I want pretty much every foil & every red/pink/neutral that they do & Vegas lights and I'm not going to be satisfied until I get them! @lazmoore96 13h
  •   lazmoore96 I got the rose gold brush set and I looooove it! Yes it looks amazing, there's a review of it on YouTube, just look up naked smoky review! I got the lorac palette, it is amaaaaazing, defos worth the money, so pigmented and fabulous xx 13h
  •   becca_and_noah Oh really?! Where do you buy Lorac? I'll have a look at both. I have never been to Inglot before, is it fab? I'm coming to Dublin on the 4th of July and I am most excited about Charlotte Tilbury in brown Thomas & the Inglot shop! @lazmoore96 13h
  •   lazmoore96 I had to buy it on the American Amazon, cost me £41 but defos worth it. There are sooo many fakes on eBay and stuff so I was too scared to get mine for cheaper! I've never been!! Need to go, also need to stock up on Nyx things 13h
  •   becca_and_noah I thought you would have been to Inglot! The only one here is in Stirling & I don't go to stirling. I love @lolaliner & @chloeboucher and their Inglot makeup looks amazing 🏼 I think it's going to be a pretty dangerous trip! Will keep you posted on makeup buys xx @lazmoore96 13h
  •   lazmoore96 Yes please do!! X 13h

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1d la.misa
Juno Δρнσтσ ∂ιαяуΔ

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alvidepe 1-2 juni 2015 dan lagi kita berlibur di ciater highland resort dengan kondisi dan suasana berbeda kali ini. Kebersamaan yang kita jalin dengan melakukan kegiatan mengaji, shalat jamaah, masak brng, makan bareng, sharing, saling evaluasi untuk 4 semstr ini. Banyak sekali cerita didalam 4C ini. Beruntung mengenal mereka dg brbagai karakter walaupun beda kelas sy berharap bisa berlibur lg seperti ini kawan love you and thanks for everything guys #bestpost 2d

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2d tade.f
Mayfair Tade

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pizzabo_it Com'era @lucab0d ? Sembra buonissima! :-) #pizza #ripieno #calzone #repost #bestpost #pizzabo 3d

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petprogramme CUTE QOTE

️ Are you telling me my name isn't "awww how cute?" Says the dog!
Hehe that quote is so cute love it ! How is everyone? Sorry i haven't posted in a while I have been a bit busy lately Could you give me all the notifications in the picture I would LOVE that I want to thank all my AMAZING pawtners @jl_4pawz_of_crime, @pet_.photography, @percy.piggy.cosmo @trio.of.meecers And @mouse.club you guys are so amazing and always there for me ️ Do you like this edit? If so read below because you can get one! Also comment if you like it!

️ Remember if you want an edit just follow, like 5 and DM me the picture/pictures you want edit

️ QOTD: Why do you like my account?

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